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JustMock Lite Q3 2013 Rebranding SP2

January 27, 2014

Q3 2013 Rebranding SP2 (version 2014.1.1317.4)

  • New: Integrated with Ninject (dependency injection tool)
  • New icons and some UI changes in regard of Telerik rebranding
  • Fixed: JustMock does not work with Windows Store test projects built in x64 bit
  • Fixed: Unintended Call Count mutation for recursive mocks
  • Fixed: Raising EventHandler<T> where T does not derive from EventArgs fails
  • Fixed: Mock.Create overload with FluentProxy doesn't work with base classes which don't have a default constructor
  • Fixed: Telerik.JustMock.Helpers namespace interacts with non public arrangements
  • Fixed: Mock.Raise fails with data driven unit tests
  • Fixed: Mock.Arrange is deleting previous arrangements with data-driven tests