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JustMock Free 2013.2611

June 11, 2013

JustMock Q2 2013 Release Notes (v2013.2.611)

What's new:

  • New: Integration with Jenkins build process (documented)
  • New: Integration with TeamCity build process (documented)
  • New: Support Out/Ref in DoInstead or Returns Delegate
  • New: Provide way to verify if an event is bound properly
  • New: Support of arranging Out/Ref arguments of non-public methods using ArgExpr.Out/Ref
  • New: Loose and Strict mocks are now created with Constructor.Mocked by default
  • New: Create mocks by example
  • New: PrivateAccessor class allows invoking methods, getting and setting of properties and fields that aren't normally accessible
  • New: Ability to add additional user-specified attributes on the generated proxy type
  • Updated documentation

What's fixed:

  • Improved: Better exception message when occurrence expectations are not satisfied
  • Fixed: Arranges to static methods and calls to IgnoreInstance() don't leak outside the current test method (MSTest, NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit, MSpec)
  • Fixed: Multiple tests fail when run together, even though they pass when run individually
  • Fixed: JustMock may crash when MSTest used to run multiple tests in parallel
  • Fixed: Mock.Assert() sometimes passes even when the assertions conditions are not met
  • Fixed: Unable to mock overloading generic functions with different number of constraints
  • Fixed: Can't mock internal abstract property/method even with profiler enabled
  • Fixed: Throw proper exception when mocking final or static methods in Mock.Arrange
  • Fixed: Automocking: creating new instance of the "Instance" in the mocking container every time when called
  • Fixed: Stack overflow that happens if some Equals() calls an intercepted method
  • Fixed: Original implementations of proxied methods couldn't call arranged methods
  • Fixed: Cannot arrange non-public members in base classes
  • Fixed: PrivateAccessor can't access members in base class
  • Fixed: Async tests stop working correctly after the first 'await'
  • Fixed: Samples solution could not be built with JustMock Lite