Release History

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JustMock Free 2011.2713

July 12, 2011

What's new:
  • Support of asserting order in which the mocked calls are invoked
  • New additions to Fluent extensions

What's fixed:
  • Fix : Mocking new Guid argument for specific value
  • Fix : Assert Mock.Raise should invoke event from correct instance for multiple mock setups
  • Fix : Mocking class having method that hides its virtual base method
  • Fix : Mocked call is invoking base from a mocked a event container
  • Fix : TypeEmittter exception incase of method hiding via new keyword
  • Fix : Issue with mocking non-public member when type is proxied
  • Fix : Exception for uncommitted class during Mock.Create that has custom GetHashCode method and throws exception when environment is not properly set
  • Fix : Ability to set expectations for properties that is declared in the test class
  • Fix : Automatically set call original flag on framework methods If mocked in a different test but not in the current
  • Fix : Issue with generic constraint used for base class
  • Fix : Ability to apply Constructor.Mocked on Sealed class
  • Fix : Exception when params object[] is set with value type argument in Mock.Arrange
  • Fix : Mocking write only properly
  • Fix : Mock.Raise exception for events defined inside the nested class (where the mocking type is injected)
  • Fixed: Proxy caching issue that was causing Constructor.Mocked to fail when same type and constructor combination is used in different test methods and run as a whole
  • Fixed: Invalid program exception when void abstract method is called from within the constructor during Mock.Create
  • Fixed: For non-mocked constructor it should throw the original exception (if any) not the TargetInvocationException
  • Fixed: Failing to assert occurrences properly in Mock.AssertSet
  • Fixed: Invalid cast exception while asserting calls with byte[] arguments