Release History

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TeamPulse Community 2011.2815

August 14, 2011


TeamPulse 2011 R2

 What’s New
  • Product Backlog - One view where users can see all the Stories, Bugs, Issues and Risks.
  • Preview Pane – Easy access UI for updating items in the Backlog.
  • Drag and Drop prioritization – Use this specialized Backlog view to drag the backlog items up and down, with TeamPulse automatically adjusting the item’s backlog priority. This priority information is then carried to the Story board so users can visually see which items are of the highest priority.
  • Past, present and future iteration filters – These new iteration filters will automatically adjust what iterations are included or excluded based on the current date. It is not necessary anymore to manually include or exclude iteration to get focus on past items or unplanned items.
  • Status filters – Filter items based on their status. Easily filter out the deleted and closed items so users can focus on the work in progress.
  • Shared grid views – Now any set of filters applied to a grid can be saved and shared with the rest of the team. The shared filters ensure that every member of the team can have the same context when looking at groups of items inside TeamPulse.
  • Email notifications – TeamPulse can now be configured to send out email notifications when items change. There are two different methods to determine what items a user wants receive notifications on.
    •  Per Item – A user would manually select to receive notification on a single item.
    •  Rule Based – A user would select from a list of pre-defined rules that would determine what items to receive notifications on. Rules include: Items assigned to me and Items in current iteration
  • Initial team support – TeamPulse now allows users to assign Stories, Bugs, Risks and Issues to a Team in addition to a single individual. Along with this ability to assign items, TeamPulse allows users to group the various boards by team so they can get a Team based overview of their work.
  • Tags – Users can now define their own custom tags and assign them to Stories, Bugs, Issues and Risks. Once assigned, a user can then filter items based on these tags. Various ways of categorizing your items is only limited to your imagination.
  • Comments – Users can now add forum style comments to Stories, Bugs, Issues and Risks. Instead of capturing and refining requirements in email threads, users can enter comments directly into the item. Combine this feature with the Email notifications feature and users can easily stay on top of changes in requirements.
    • New reports
    • Task Burn down report – Report that displays the completion of tasks in iteration and gives trends of how much work is left for successful close of the iteration. 
    • Bugs by area report – Report that shows number of bugs broken down by project areas. 
    • Bugs by severity report - Report that shows number of bugs broken down by bug severity levels. 
  • UI enhancements to improve support for lower resolution monitors.

 What’s Changed

  • Non-English characters are supported – Different language input is now supported. 
  • Active bugs on story cards – The Story cards on the Story board and Task board now show you a running count of active bugs.
  • Installer now installs SQL Express and/or .Net if needed and automatically configures the IIS settings 
  • Grids remember item selection state between filtering changes

 What’s Fixed
  • Installation failed if there were no SQL Server client tools installed on the client's machine.
  • User Management did not check and validation the e-mail and the username after editing and the special symbol '.' was not allowed in user name.
  • In some cases there were difficulties to deactivate a license after upgrade from an older version.
  • Iterations/Areas and their respective Sub iterations/Subareas could not be deleted.  
  • Server error was produced when viewing attached file that contains special symbols in the name.
  • In case when a story doesn't have "Done" statuses defined in the project template, it was not possible to create a related task.