Release History

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TeamPulse Community 2011.1608

June 7, 2011


TeamPulse 2011 R1 SP1

 What’s Fixed

  • The “Deferred” transitions phase from the EMC 2008 template has been removed 
  • Saves to rich text were not occurring normally when a hyperlink or comment was embedded in the rich text field
  • Creating story in hierarchy view doesn’t set area and iteration according to filters
  • Assignment control for stories and tasks was incorrectly emptying the assigned to user id in the database.  As a result, not all items were showing in My Perspective and reports were not accurate.
  • The oData data service was throwing and exception when attempting to access it from third party tools such as LinqPad
  • Installer generated batch data updates which resulted in corrupted data in the audit tables. This corruption caused various synchronization errors to occur.