Release History

By product

TeamPulse Community 2011.1504

May 3, 2011

What’s New

  • My Perspective – My Perspective is new view that shows a personalize view of all work assigned to a team member.  Best practices broken by the team member are also displayed.
  • Task Board and My Task Board – A new board view shows tasks as well as their parent stories in an easy to use screen including various grouping and filtering options and the drag and drop abilities.  My Task board provides a pre-filtered view to only show those tasks assign to the current user.
  • Project Creating Wizard provides assistance throughout the process of project creating.
  • Feedback and Feature Requests – Feedback and feature requests may now be captured and managed along with Ideas. 
  • Quick add from story and task board – New stories and tasks may now be quickly added while using the Story and task boards.
  • Quick search by ID – Individual items in TeamPulse may now be navigated to much more quickly by entering only it’s ID. 
  • New reports
    • Sprint delta report
    • Average story size by area
    • Velocity by iteration
    • Iteration delta
    • Iteration estimates by area
    • Iteration progress by area
    • Effort associated with story estimates
    • Burndown by area

What’s Changed

  • Story history has been moved into a tab which retrieves history only when requested
  • Rollup option in the Iteration Burndown report allows to report on hierarchies of iterations
  • Iteration drop down selectors are all hierarchical instead of flat views
  • Improved notification control – Notifications are now badged with the number of instances instead of showing duplicated
  • Improved quick linker – may now specify relationships to linked stories, roles to linked personas, and quick link to ideas
  • Improved installer – now includes an option to auto configure IIS and uninstalling now automatically deactivates the current license
  • Improved error handling with more detailed and useful messages