Release History

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TeamPulse Community 2010.31402

February 1, 2011


TeamPulse Q3 2010 SP2

 What’s New
  • Can now select an iteration on the dashboard
  • Selection of hierarchy view in grids is remembered between visits
  • Cleaner and more effective story card design
  • Spellchecking is now available in all rich text fields

What’s Changed
  • Area\Iteration trees are collapsed by default and with only selected nodes expanded
  • Memory Tuning – much effort has been invested in reducing the memory usage of TeamPulse.  From our testing TeamPulse now uses 50% less memory and its memory consumption does not grow significantly relative to the length of time it is used.
  • Performance improvements – much effort has been invested in improving the performance of TeamPulse. For example, over a 1.5kbs connection:
    • Story board loading –  500-1000% improvement
    • Progress grid loading – 375% improvement
    • Requirements grid loading – 375% improvement
    • Planning screen loading – 250% improvement
    • Story decomposition loading – 500% improvement

What’s Fixed

  • Exception when a personas name is empty in the database 
  • Exception when assigning story to persona from persona catalog
  • Exception when try to edit a persona that is not yet created 
  • Persona name appears above the position in the persona tab
  • No more than five personas could show in persona catalog
  • When enter persona position and name and at the same time create one new persona, two personas are created, the new persona and the blank one.
  • Associated story will appear with empty name when create new story and associate a persona to it
  • Exception when add new persona and press to add another one quickly
  • Only after navigating to another screen Persona is added to the personas area in edit story Persona dropdown in stories should show persona name in brackets
  • screen 
  • There is ability to click on the "Back" button when editing selected persona without closing the "Images screen" in persona catalog

  • Story history incorrectly lists attachment history items with same primary keys in the database
  • Storyboard throws an exception when Group By  “None” value
  • When clicking on the "Clear all" check box after looking for a specific story in the "Link to an existing story" screen, all linked stories are cleared, not only the searched one.
  • If the story has tasks in  “done” state, chart won't change until navigate to another screen is made
  • Valid URLs that do not start with 'http://' are not accepted in the external links for a Story
  • "Assign" a story to an iteration in View Stories, could not be done, if the iteration is set as the last iteration and the name is too long
  • When add file to a story the number of external files does not update immediately  
  • Unexpected behavior when selecting “certainty” and don't select “maturity” in the story edit scree and vice versa and proceed with the project analyze functionality.
  • Exception when open a story from the grid and then press relationships tab quickly
  • In Story Management screen, "Assign Story" button should be dimmed while no stories selected
  • Exception when click on add new iteration button while edit story screen opens
  • When select multiple stories and click on delete only one story is deleted
  • Story history shows test case instead of acceptance criteria
  • When add new story in the grid and open it, afterwards quickly  open the dashboard, two warning messages appear
  • Bad UI when create new story after enlarge description of the previous story
  • Tooltip should give more information in Storyboard
  • When clearing the acceptance criteria name, the validation message behave incorrectly 
  • When enter large number in story(Priority and Story Points) fields in story board it shows correctly,  although when navigate, it displays the old value
  • Export should be prevented while stories loading because the files contains incomplete data
  • Export should be prevented while stories loading because the files contains incomplete data
  • Exception when enter large amount of numbers in "Work Completed" field in Tasks
  • Exception when enter large amount of numbers in "Work Remaining" field in Tasks

  • When deleting the current iteration, not returned or allowed to continue working on the storyboard screen (no iteration selected or could be selected)
  • Iteration selector in Dashboard screen does not save new order of iterations when you change them in View Schedule screen
  • Specifications by Iteration report shows incorrect values for work completed and work remaining
  • Remove from Iteration button should be dimmed when there are no stories selected
  • Iteration combo box is cut
  • Creating an iteration on the report page causes an error
  • Duration field label in TimeLine Settings in not descriptive, need to be Iteration Default Duration
  • When open Planning screen after adding Stories to iteration from plan an iteration screen, Iteration content panel will be black and when delete this iteration exception occurred
  • Areas/Iterations combo box should be dimmed after selecting "Confirm delete" radio button
  • At first open Decompose into work, Filter by Areas and Filter by Iterations combo box is very small
  • Multiple selection should be disabled in View Schedule screen
  • Exception when selecting  couple of team members from the members’  list and clicking on the  "Manage Team members" button

Project organization
  • Users can see and manipulate projects that they do not participate in
  • When deleting a project name, more clear validation message is required
  • Project name is still displaying in the title after deleting it 
  • No scroll bar appears in project description textbox after entering more than five lines
  • Wrong behavior when creating new project  and enter a project name while page loads

  • When press "Reset Settings", default settings are not applied until you navigate away to another screen
  • When selecting member from manage team screen, all other members are checked as well 
  • Exception when try to log with user account that contains apostrophe 
  • Grid customizations are not properly saved
  • Upgrading to a new version of TeamPulse does not refresh the cached version in the browser
  • Frequently a message shows saying that another user updating the same information
  • Relationships counter does not incremented when add some relationships in story 
  • No way to group by best practices except pressing again on "Analyze my project" button