Release History

By product

TeamPulse Community 2010.31220

December 14, 2010

What’s New

  • Introductory Reporting Pack including "Iteration Burndown", "Status History" and "Specifications by Iteration" reports
  • Added a PDF export to the grid views
  • Added new Best Practice - When a story is marked as done, all the children stories and tasks should also be marked as done
  • You can now associate a story to a new or existing Idea from the edit story page
  • Add optional 'plain text' description column to Story Grids to ease export
  • Upgrade Telerik controls to Q3 2010 SP1

What’s Changed

  • Improved attachment downloading experience

What’s Fixed

  • Persona Catalog screen won't close after opening associated story or associated persona
  • Contextual tab in the ribbon: Select the current functional area tab when the contextual tab goes away
  • After reordering iterations on scheduling screen, tree view now updates properly
  • Application error in planning screen when you enter large number of characters in Assigned to field
  • Assigning a Story to "none" from the storyboard the item can now be synced
  • Assigned To combo box in storyboard screen will now display if blank
  • Assigned To combo box is now sorted alphabetically  
  • Drag and Drop functionality in Storyboard fixed
  • Fixed error in Storyboard when the "group by" is empty
  • Fixed error after entering a large number at max capacity
  • Fixed error after associating story/persona to persona has not saved yet
  • Fixed exception sometimes thrown when press create new project button quickly before projects complete loading
  • Fixed exception thrown after entering a large number of characters in "Create new role" field
  • Fixed exception when users deep link to open idea with a comment
  • Fixed exception after adding large number for estimation  
  • Enhanced TeamPulse exception because isolated storage is full
  • You can no longer open the features of the previously opened project while opening another project
  • Different capitalization than your Windows domain user name
  • Import Stories can now import it's own exported CSV file
  • Fixed exception in Persona management, where Position and Name text fields long names result in error
  • Fixed inconsistency between the selected area/iteration in filter by Area/iteration in work decomposition screen and in link existing story to an idea screen
  • All expected stories are shown in storyboard
  • Fixed null reference exception when remove a persona from a story
  • On stories tree view, parent now expands after completing a drop
  • On the Work Decomposition screen, rich text area is no longer editable
  • Reassigning a story from storyboard screen to another area/iteration, now updates properly
  • Scheduling screen drag drop tooltips are now the same as the area/iteration manager
  • Task name is now selected when entering edit mode
  • There is no error message will be shown after removing story name in storyboard
  • Fixed exception when adding large custom text to assigned to field in edit story screen
  • Fixed exception when attempt to open a story from associated stories in persona screen, notification that the requested project does not exist is shown
  • When searching personas in persona management, if there are no search results, no persona details are now shown