Release History

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TeamPulse Community 2010.31117

November 16, 2010

TeamPulse Q3 2010

What’s New

  • Improved guidance and project template selection
  • Ability to enter work remaining and work completed for tasks
  • Ability to imported stories from an external file
  • Five new best practices have been added to the best practice analyzer
  • Edit story tabs now have items counts in the header
  • Tasks now have descriptions
  • Getting started page for added guidance to new users

What’s Changed

  • Editing stories now occurs in an overlay, greatly improving the navigation flow throughout the application
  • The edit story screen has been redesigned and improved with the inclusion of a story history view
  • Entering estimates has an improved user experience as well as showing the PERT estimate
  • The acceptance criteria editing experience has been improved

What’s Fixed

  • When edit a story and write custom text in AssignedTo property and refresh the page the text is empty (AssignedTo is deleted)
  • Function "Search" in stories and tasks doesn't work as expected
  • Area/Iteration won't be deleted from Area/Iteration Manager
  • Sprint burndown chart does not match the "iteration" terminology
  • When typing in the assigned to field the story history records every keystroke
  • Scroll bars and items are cut off for Team Members and Tags in the Create Project screen
  • Improve the performance of the upload when add new attachment
  • Exception when deleting iteration while collapse the parent iteration
  • International chars in Word export
  • When add the first story in story grid, delete button won't be active until add another story
  • Cannot delete rich text link
  • Area \ Iteration Manager does not save some Hierarchy changes
  • Application hang and Exception thrown when adding persona after create an empty persona
  • Item in past iteration is not done best practices includes deleted items
  • Application crashes when search and press close button while there is a validation message about empty persona
  • I can add empty persona using quick link "Add this quick link" button and have troubles in deleting it
  • Task window won't be closed when creating task without name and navigate away
  • Changing date of iteration2  that has predecessor " iteration 1" to be before iteration 1 will be accept
  • Story grid won't refresh after reassign the story to another area/iteration
  • Story won't be moved to the correct place when edit story and change the status or Assigned To
  • Exception when analyze a project then open Manage stories screen
  • Persona won't be shown in personas tab after assigning it to the opened story from persona catalogue