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TeamPulse Community 2010.2727

July 26, 2010

What’s new in TeamPulse v1?

The first official version of TeamPulse will provide our customers with great and unique features and will bring even more value to their teams.  

Significant TeamPulse v1 Features and Enhancements include:

Templates and Rules – configure TeamPulse in a way that will allow for data to synchronize more naturally with different types of projects. We ship with many TeamPulse project templates that map to MSF Agile, MSF CMMI, and Scrum. The templates are a handy way of having different types of projects with different workflow rules and validation requirements.

Task Driven Navigation three intuitive navigation areas represented in the ribbon: Requirements, Tracking, and Planning.

What’s New Feed – gives your team a short sequenced summary of what has changed in the project (e.g. updates to Stories, plan changes, etc). This information is also available via RSS, allowing you to monitor the project without even having to run TeamPulse.

Best Practice Analyzer -a plug-in model in TeamPulse, shipped with pre-defined rules allowing you to analyze the data and make sure that the data conforms to certain characteristics. In short, the Best Practice Analyzer will take a look at your project for some very specific conditions that may be of a concern to a team.

Improved Dashboard and Analytics- improved with RSS feeds, burn down charts, projects timeline and a real-time view on the health of all projects along with up-to-date information on individual and team progress.

Other Features and Enhancements

  • Attachments to Stories - you now have the ability to attach files to your stories.
  • Task Decomposition - you are now able to decompose User Stories into tasks.
  • Using Quick Linking when Defining Stories - Quick Linking allows you to quickly add a reference to a Story or Persona within your description text, similar to the intellisense functionality in Visual Studio.
  • Acceptance Criteria in TeamPulse - Acceptance Criteria help us define what “done” means and works as an agreement between your product owner and team to help manage the acceptance of a User Story in a production system.
  • Export to Excel.

    Major changes from Beta version

    The biggest change to TeamPulse since the beta is that the core TeamPulse application is separated from the Team Foundation Server synchronization engine. The installation of TeamPulse V1 is provided without any reliance upon TFS or the TFS Team Explorer allowing customers who have yet to invest or fully leverage TFS to start gaining value from our product right away.

    We anticipate shipping the synchronization engine as a separate component in the early fall of this year.