Release History

By product

Sitefinity Community Edition 3.7 SP3

March 14, 2010

What’s New

Images and Documents Module

  • Added a File Provider
  • Implemented streaming when uploading large files

Pages Administration

  • Improved performance with large number of pages
  • Added Search option

Membership Providers

  • Added ability to initialize Active Directory membership provider when there is no connection to Active Directory
  • Optimizations in Users Administration interface when external membership providers are used
  • Added support for multiple profile providers


  • Upgraded to the Q1 2010 release of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX


  • Implemented FIPs compliance for Sitefinity licensing
  • Added support for additional providers in Lists Module
  • Optimized the load of Dashboard Administration page

What’s Fixed

Images and Documents Module

  • Fixed problem with Image Gallery crashing under IE7
  • Fixed jQuery errors in the Image Gallery Administration



  • Fixed bug with localization and DomainName persistence mode
  • Fixed  problem with external and group paging showing in navigation even though such language version of the page doesn’t exist
  • Fixed problem in ContentView control pager related to generating valid HTML
  • Fixed bug in the password answer verification functionality
  • Updated several control templates (CategoriesList, CategoriesTreeView) to meet XHTML compliance requirements
  • Fixed the URL handling of the Refresh to Continue button on the trial page