Release History

By product

Sitefinity Community Edition 3.7

August 9, 2009

What’s New

Wiki module
- a Wiki Module for managing Wikis is now part of the Standard and Community versions. You can find its documentation in the User Manual.

RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2009
- the latest RadControls are now shipped with Sitefinity

2 new site templates
- Community Summer and Company Inspiration

Group Operations
- Group Operations for Generic Content based modules (Move/Delete content items)

New Social Bookmark buttons
- twitter is added to the social toolbar

What’s Fixed

Images and Documents
- Performance optimizations in Libraries - Lazy loading of items for lower memory consumption
- Thumbnail resize algorithm improved, there are no borders now

- Emails with special characters in FirstName, LastName can now receive newsletters
- Newsletter sending hangs
- "Unsubscribe" link in a newsletter improvements

- Color picker issue with more than 8 questions is now fixed. Using the RadControls color picker now

- Javascript errors fixed if the localization resources contain special characters
- Language Dropdown when localization is set to QueryString is now working properly
- Special characters in the ALT tag of images in RadEditor produces unreadable fonts
- redirectToHomePage option fixed when used the localization is enabled
- View and Create permissions for different language versions

Sitefinity controls
- "Collection was modified" error in ContentView based controls
- EventsView - Expandable List mode - formatting icons fixes
- EventsView - Expandable List mode - javascript issues fixes
- Dynamic Hyper Link control - fixed an error when you set navigate URL address with http
- Site Menu - LastExpandLevel property now works correctly
- Spam Protector improvements
- Forums Controls could now be customized through the resource files
- Password recovery control "Your attempt to retrieve your password was not successful. Please try again" issue

Other fixes
- Link Manager dialog now shows the correct language version
- Sitefinity Template parses improvements
- News RSS feeds respect the Publication Date now
- Pages External URL validators updated to accept # character
- Social Bookmarks - fixes in the services urls

Known Issues

- Localization and additional providers are not supported
- WikiView cannot work with custom configured query string keys

Images and Documents
- Upload of large files in zip files issues
- Localization is not supported

Sitefinity controls
- Filter Expresion property is not implemented for CategoryTree control