Release History

By product

Sitefinity Community Edition 3.6 Hotfix

February 19, 2009


-     [30195] Fixed problem with missing description for all links in the command panel when external template is set

-     [30240] Fixed problem with Modes folder for public controls missing after an export of embedded templates
-     [30234] Added missing templates to the export of embedded templates of List control

Site Templates
-     [29677] Fixed error appears appearing upon an attempt to use Company, Community or Personal site templates in Visual Studio 2008

Images and Documents
-     [30247] Fixed error appearing in Administration section when external template is set
-     [29685] Enabled sorting by Name, Owner and Created in the Administration section of the libraries

-     [30164] Fixed issue with image inserted in RadEditor disappearing after selecting it, clicking on Insert a link icon, and pressing I’m done in IE (the issue still exists in Mozilla FireFox)

Events Module
-     [29825] Fixed error appearing when user clicks on Comment in Administration

Blogs Module
-     [29757] Fixed errors with BlogPostsControlDesigner.ascx appearing after upgrade

RSS Feeds
-     [29701] Fixed error in section Administration> RSS Feeds appearing after a blog with a rss feed has been deleted
-     [29705] Fixed error appearing upon an attempt to edit RSS Feed after an upgrade of Sitefinity to version 3.6.

Community Version
-     [28766] Fixed problem with the Sitefinity logo appearing multiple times when a user control containing RadAjaxPanel control is dropped on a page


Forums Module
-     Java script error appears on create a thread page