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Sitefinity Community Edition 3.2 SP2

May 29, 2008

What's new in Sitefinity 3.2 SP2?

New Base Designer for ContentView Based Controls

What’s New:
-   Provides an ability to control the appearance of controls inside of ContentView based controls, such as NewsList, BlogPosts, EventsView or any control inheriting ContentView control
-   Control designer can be defined declaratively inside of a template with no coding needed
-   Two setting controls are included:
               -   TextSetting – controls visibility, format and label of a target control
               -   ContentSetting – provides a way to show full content or customizable summary
-   Ability to create new settings and extend the designers with custom setting controls
-   Ability for each ContentView based control to work with multiple presentation modes with predefined properties (such as template paths, paging values and so on)
-   Presentation modes can be extended as well, which means that for example a completely new PresentationMode can be added to BlogPosts control with no coding required

Upgrade Notes:
-  The new  NewsView control is to replace the current NewList and SingleNews controls. The NewList and SingleNews controls are marked as obsolete and will not show in the Add Control Toolbox by default.

News Module

What’s Fixed:
-   Fixed News List control problem with multiple language versions, categories and tags


What’s Fixed:
-   Fixed issue with nonworking StartingNodeOffset property of the TabStrip navigation control
-   Fixed issue with duplicate page created when workflow is enabled
-   Fixed issue with default property not working for some controls
-   Fixed issue with hyper link control, issues with external pages and multilingual support
-   Fixed error caused by "-" character in Template/Page when multilingual support is on
-   Added ability to create external page that has a port in its URL address
-   Fixed a 404 error when a page type is changed from "Normal" to "Page group" and a template for the page is not present
-   Fixed error caused by adding additional page URLs, which are the same as the default, except for the extension (.aspx)
-  Fixed problem with all language versions of a page disappearing upon page deletion
-  Fixed error shown when a page version is viewed in the history, when the multilingual support is on, and the PathPrefix is set to QueryString

What’s New:

-   Added an option to throw 404 exception when a page language version is missing

File Manager

What’s New:
-   Added file download functionality

Images and Documents Module

What’s Fixed:
-   Fixed problem with pagination not working when there are more than 1 pages
-   Fixed problem with images not displayed if there is white space at the end of the library name

Blogs Module

What’s New:
-   Added Social Bookmarks
-   Implemented MetaBlog API which allows the creation of blog posts using external tools
-   Added new Calendar public control which links to blogs posts per date
-   Implemented trackbacking and pingbacking which allows for users to be notified when their posts are referenced in another web site
-   Added SEO friendly paging support
-   Added the ability to apply different templates to comments posted by the author

Generic Content Module

 What’s Fixed:
-   Fixed exception thrown then the Content View control’s Data Provider is set to News and then back to Generic_Content
-   Fixed problems showing when multiple language versions are used with workflow

Newsletters Module

What’s Fixed:
-  Fixed problem with changes not saved when you edit newsletters after exiting the Create Newsletter screen

What’s New:
-   Implemented public control for newsletter subscription
-   Implemented unsubscribe from newsletter link
-   Added the ability to insert the name of the sender in the content of the newsletter
-   Added the ability to send external HTML files as newsletters
-   Added new section to display all newsletters whose sending was failed or stopped
-   Added report on recipients to whom a newsletter was not sent on the occasions of failed or stopped newsletter


What’s Fixed:

-   Enabled Search indexing for News
-   Enabled Search indexing when localization for pages and modules is on
-   Fixed issues with auto indexing for News and Blogs

What’s New:
-   Added a feature to index external pages with “?” and “!” in the News titles
-   Added the ability to Select (and not type) Starting node for page indexing


What’s Fixed:
-   Fixed issues with case-sensitive databases
-   Fixed problem with URLs changed to lower case by the Sitefinity URL rewriter
-   Fixed issues with upgrade of News and Blogs Modules from v.3.1 to 3.2+
-   Fixed error displayed when the site path separator symbol is different from the default one ('/')

What’s New:
-   SEO improvements