Release History

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Sitefinity Community Edition 3.2 SP1

March 27, 2008

What's new in Sitefinity 3.2 Service Pack 1 ?

Medium Trust
- Most issues in Medium Trust environment are fixed (the exceptions are listed in section Knows Issues below).

Newsletter Module
- The Newsletters Module is included as part of the installation. All immediate problems have been fixed. The work on the public controls for Newsletters subscription is still in process.

Search Indexing
- The problem with opening section Administration>Services> Search is fixed.

Database Support
- Provided support for Oracle.

Multilingual Support
- Solved problem with showing duplicate News Items created in more than one languages.

- Fixed problem with no links displayed in the What's been up lately? section.

Personalization Module
- Fixed problem with Generic Content settings not displayed when custom providers are added.

Known Issues

Medium Trust
- In Edit Mode of all Controls, setting the AccessKey property throws a Security exception.
- .Zip files cannot be uploaded in module Images & Documents.

- The public control is not displayed correctly in RotatingListsSimple mode.

Notifications Service
- The service is still in test mode and not included in the official release. It will be provided as a separate download later.

Newsletter Module
- There are no public controls for Newsletter subscription. They will be provided as a separate download later.
- Changes are not saved when you edit newsletters after exiting the Create Newsletter screen.

Images&Documents Module
- The module doesn’t work with multiple providers.
- Categories are disabled.
- In section Administration a click on button Upload and link Logout after that throws an exception RadUpload Ajax callback error.

ContentView and BlogPosts Controls
- When a ContentView or BlogPosts controls are added to a template and a page is created using this template, an HTTP 404 error shows on the page.

Generic Content
- When the Generic Content control is edited, a click on Share this content and filling in the fields Name, Description, or Author in some cases doesn’t save the content as shared. On such occasions the users will not see the text This content is shared. . . and needs to click on the Share this content button again.

Search Indexing
- Search Indexing doesn’t work for News.
- If a Search Index is created but not started, saving changes to Pages or Blogs included in the index displays an error. To avoid such errors, the administrators should start the Search Index after creating it. This is done by clicking on the Start indexing link in section Administration>Services>Search.
- Search Indexing works only for one language on a particular web site. It doesn't work for multilingual sites.

Multilingual Support
- The two language versions of a categorized blog post display twice when you follow the Category link in the Blog Posts control.

RSS Feeds
- When creating a new RSS Feed, following the Page Info link opens a page with a JavaScript error on it.