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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.31327

January 26, 2010


  • WebUI Test Studio compatibility with VS 2010!
  • RadControls Translators and Wrappers compatibility with Service Pack 2 of RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX and Silverlight.
  • Versions up:
    • Automation Design Canvas and WebAii – v2.0.8
    • RadControls Translators  and Wrappers – 2009.3.1314 (the version of latest RadControls AJAX and Silverlight release).
  • A lot of bug fixes and improvements in WebAii and ADC.
  • New RadControls Translators & Wrappers:
    • ASP.NET AJAX – RadDock component.
    • Silverlight – RadGauge is in.
  • Various improvements in the RadControls translators.

WebAii v2.0.8

  • Fixed problem where mouse cursor coordinates were off by 1 pixel in both X and Y  coordinates for MouseMove, Hover, etc.
  • Fixed problem where translators don't appear for HTML elements in frames
  • Improved HTML parser reliability for some web pages with very complex HTML code.
  • Fixed problem where a Wait.ForExists in code does not work for elements that would appear later in the DOM.

DesignCanvas v2.0.8

  • Updated project version number so we produce warnings that upgraded projects are not backward compatible (i.e. 2.0.7 -> 2.0.8)
  • Installer now prompts user to close all instanced of Visual Studio.
  • The test step pause dialog now pops up on top of the windows.
  • Fixed Html.Style verification builder setting incorrect value for Font.Family property. Fixed Html.Style verification builder missing to update values on style sub-category parameter change.
  • Fixed Html.TextBox missing sentence verification default value for empty text box.
  • SentencePresenter UI updated to be able to show unlimited number of verification options.
  • Improved stability while recording keystrokes on HTML pages.
  • UserSettings.HighlightBorderSize defaults to 1 (minimum) to improve the click experience with highlighting turned on.
  • Improved recognition for when AJAX events were finished.
  • Fixed a hang when tabbing away from a text input field to a non-text input field
  • Display more meaningful string for the DragDropWindowData property of a Drag & Drop step.
  • Fixed HTML Translators don't appear in frames.
  • Fixed recording keyboard input against elements in frames
  • Fixes to native recording of HTML element drag & drop. This was a regression introduced in 2.0.
  • Fix recording of popup IE modal dialogs.
  • Added support for using Excel spreadsheets as the datasource in data driven tests
  • Persist and respect the IsTestFragment flag. This was a regression introduced in 2.0.
  • Fixes duplicate _ownerBrowser declarations in Project.cs generation when test references web pages having multiple frames.
  • Recreates %AppData%\ArtOfTest directory if it is missing/deleted.
  • Fixed Quick Execution problem on 64-bit OS.

WebUI Test Studio Installer:

  • The installer will abort if it does not detect Visual Studio 2008 SP1 or Visual Studio 2010.
  • When uninstalling from the start menu shortcut Test Studio will no longer erroneously install DC if it has already been removed.

ASP.NET RadControls Wrappers:

Added RadDock wrappers – RadDock, RadDockCommand, RadDockZone.


  • Exposed .Icon and .Palette properties

Updated some property setters which were not working previously:

  •     RadPicker Enabled property
  •     Calendar EnableMultiSelection property
  •     Input AutoPostBack property
  •     DateInput Min/MaxDate properties

ASP.NET RadControls Translators:

Added RadDock Translators – RadDock, DockCommand, DockZone.
Updated the verifications of almost all translators to throw meaningful error message.


  •    Fixed RadDataPager actions are not recognized when the pager does not have GoToPageField.
  •    Fixed RadDataPager actions not recorded properly which caused failing on execution after the test is closed.


  • Fixed GridDataCell translator not working when the cell has the sorted CSS class applied.


  • Fixed RadToolBar ItemState sentence editor crashes VS.
  • Fixed ToolBar.ItemCount verification builder VS crash on loading.

Silverlight RadControls Wrappers:

Wrappers for RadGauge– RadGauge, Linear & RadialGauge, ScaleIndicators and ScaleElements.

Added more RadChart wrappers – ChartPlotAreaAxisX2D, ChartPlotAreaAxisY2D, ChartAxisTitle, Chart3DLabels, Chart3DLayoutTransformControl, Chart3DTitleLabels, ChartHorizontalGridLines2D, ChartHorizontalStripLines, ChartHorizontalStripLines2D, ChartSeriesItemLabel, ChartVerticalGridLines2D, ChartVerticalStripLines, ChartVerticleStripLines2D, ChartVerticalMinorTicks2D, ChartHorizontalMinorTicks2D, ChartPointMark.


  • Exposed .IsReadOnly property.


  • Improved the TypeText method to tab out of the input after typing the text.
  • Exposed .TextBox property.


  • Updated WeekPresenter.OpenDay method to support the new RadButtons in the days header.


  • Exposed .TextBox property.

Silverlight RadControls Translators:

Added RadGauge translators - RadGauge, Linear & RadialGauge, ScaleIndicators and ScaleElements.
Implemented Code generation (ConvertToCode) for Visibility property verifications.

Added new "Control State" verification builders:

  • CoverFlowItem
  • Docking Pane
  • MaskedTextBox
  • MediaPlayer
  • MenuItem
  • PanelBarItem
  • SplitButton
  • TabItem
  • TileViewItem
  • TreeListView -- Cell, Column and Item
  • TreeViewItem
  • Window.


  • SetText handled only in case of editable and not read only mode.
  • Added Item.Visibility verification.


  • Excluded any click actions within the drop down popup from the toggle drop down action handling.


  • Exposed .NumberOfClicks to Increase/Decrease action handling, the default value of '1' applies for old tests for backwards compatibility.


  • Fixed item selection doesn’t respect the built-in check box and radio button.