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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.2826

August 31, 2009

WebUI Test Studio Q2 2009 SP1 Release Notes:

  • Reworked the WebUI Test Studio installer (now based on WiX).
  • RadControls Translators full compatibility with RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q2 2009 SP1.
  • Translators improvements and bug fixes (most concerning automatic code generation).

DC 1.1 specific changes:
  • Fix for when new element is not created when find params changed and saved to a different test step. Changing Find Param for an element but only saving it for certain steps no longer creates a new element in the Elements Explorer
  • Fixed trouble with Firefox connecting to popups when a test contains another test as a step. Popup not connected to when Test as Step executed before launch.
  • Fix for DOM Tree collapse when FindParam Edit Window opened.

WebAii 1.1 specific changes:
  • Restored -nomerge option when launching IE8.  If IE8 browser is open when you start a WebAii test, framework fails to connect to new IE browser.
  • Fixed framework connection slow in FF 3.5 in WebAii 1.1
  • Fix for Unicode TypeText bug and mirrors 2.0 implementation
  • Check In to mirror the 2.0 FF clear cache and delete cookie implementation
  • NUnit extension updated for compatibility with NUnit 2.5

RadControls Translators Release Notes:
  • Added new verification and custom editor for DatePicker: Min/Max Date.
  • Fixed incorrect TimeView.SelectTime element type.
  • Fixed incomplete code generation of TimeView.SelectTime action.
  • Fixed Palette.SelectColor action broken code generation.
  • Fixed DataItem.Expand/Collapse action saving incorrect element type.
  • Fixed GroupPanelItem drag to ungroup action handling.
  • Fixed broken code generation for:
    • GroupPanelItem drag to ungroup action.
    • GridTableView.DataItems and SelectedItems count verifications.
    • Grid EditForm actions (Insert/Update/Cancel).
    • Columns reordering action.
    • Column.SortOrder verification.
  • Fixed broken code generation for EditorModeCommand click action.
  • Added Item.NavigationURL verification check.
  • Added Item.NavigationURL verification check.
  • Fixed the broken code generation of the following verifications:
    • RotatorType.
    • ScrollDirection.
  • Fixed AdvancedFormVisible property to return the correct value in different control modes (WebService; Modal="True" and Modal="False" of the AdvancedForm).
  • Fixed CalenderVisible verification code generation.
  • Fixed SelectedView verification code generation.
  • Fixed the broken code generation of the following verifications:
    • Orientation.
    • Direction.
  • Added Tab.NavigationURL verification check.
  • Fixed incorrect Button.IsChecked verification element type.
  • Fixed the broken code generation of the following verifications:
    • ShowMode.
    • HideMode.
    • RelativeTo.
  • Added Node.NavigationURL verification check.
  • Fixed NodeAction code generation

WebAii RadControls based on WebAii v1.1 (coded tests) Release Notes:
  • Added Min and MaxDate properties for the pickers.
  • FastNavigationStep property is no longer read only.
  • Added TimeView.SelectTime method overloads.
  • Editor.Mode property is no longer read only.
  • EditorCommand: fixed the IsNonDefaultToolbarMode and EditorID properties in case of non-default Editor mode and if the ToolBar is not shown.
  • EditorSplitButton: Enabled property is no longer read only.
  • Added GridTableHeader.Reorder method overload getting the target column name as argument.
  • Numeric Min and MaxValue properties fixed (setters were not working).
  • Item.Click method revised.
  • Item.Click method revised.
  • Exposed GetTimeSlot() method for different views.
  • Added setters to some read only properties.
  • Tab.Click method revised.
  • Fixed Visible property under Safari.
  • Node.Click method revised.