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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.2701

July 5, 2009

Changes in .dlls/assemblies/namespaces:
  • Translators .dll/assembly renamed – Telerik.WebAii.Design.Translators.Html.dll, separated RadControls wrappers in a new assembly.
  • Namespaces changed for all the controls (for the coded tests). Now they share one and the same namespace – Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Html.
  • Both Telerik.WebAii.Design.Translators.Html and Telerik.WebAii.Controls.Html are required (and automatically added as references) in the WebAii tests project.

Common for RadControls Translators:
  • Improved test execution performance for many controls – Grid, Navigational controls, Scheduler, Upload.
  • Extended RadControls wrappers’ API, numerous properties fixed.

  • Added data-driven ability for Input value, text and DateInput SelectedDate verifications.

  • Added data-driven ability for SelectedDates verification and SelectDate action.
  • Added Date/TimePicker enabled verification, added custom verification builder as well.
  • Added fast navigation enabled verification.
  • Title clicks are recorded only if fast navigation is enabled
  • Selection is not registered if Calendar is in 'Preview' mode

  • New GrouPanelItem translator, Ungroup action handled.
  • Added support for Grid footer CommandItem actions on execution.

  • New HeaderText verification, added custom verification builder for its string comparison as well.