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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.2527

May 26, 2009

Automation Design Canvas

  • On some web pages, while recording a test in Web UI TestStudio, multiple clicks on the same button would leave the recorder in a locked state. The recorder failed to recognize when the browser was ready, usually after the third click;
  • Clicking on a MailTo link (a link that starts an email) with the recorder would leave the recorder in a locked state. The recorder failed to recognize that a MailTo link does not make the browser interact with the web server;
  • Fixed recording element search failure in IFrame.

RadControls Translators


  • Added support for shared TimeView.
  • Added verification rule editor for verification of popup visibility (Calendar or TimeView).
  • Fixed exception message in Calendar SelectedDates verification.
  • Fixed code generation in TimeViewVisible verification.
  • Fixed code generation in PopUpVisibile verification for the pickers..


  • Added support for non-default Editor toolbar mode.
  • Added tool’s drop down item selection handling.
  • EditorHtmlControl API enhanced: added FindDropDownByName & FindSplitButtonByName methods.
  • Fixed split buttons show test execution failure for split buttons that change their names on item selection.
  • Fixed test execution failure for drop downs with palettes – tool color indication in now updated..


  • Added Grid header context menu handling.
  • Fixed column state custom verification editor to work with the selected column rather than the one on which was clicked.
  • Fixed test execution failure on filtering in case of hidden columns.


  • Added item scrollable verification and scrollable property into RadPanelBarItemHtmlControl.


  • Fixed node click action recording wrong node text in some scenarios.