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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.2311

March 10, 2009

***** Highlights *****

- New Rotator and Spell translators.

- All translators are fully compatible with the latest RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX Q1 2009 release.

- Number comparison introduced for all integer type verifications and Sentence Verification Builders.

- Automatic code generation (‘ConvertToCode’ test step option) fixes and improvements in most of the translators.

***** Automation Design Canvas ***** 
1. Vista UAC: If you are running Vista, make sure you disable UAC before using Design Canvas.
2. The overlay surface if enabled might redraw over VS tool windows that are in sliding mode.
3. The context menu does not show up when right clicking on a frame on a page with no elements inside of it.
4. The rename fails for a test file (.aii) and might cause the test file to be corrupted when the test file is open in the XML Editor inside VS while performing the rename.
5. Adding an existing test (.aii) as a link does not work.
6. Rename fails when renaming a test twice within the same session and the second rename reverts the name to its original name.


***** New Translators *****

*** Rotator ***

- Translator for RadRotator ASP.NET AJAX control.

- Actions: supports buttons click and hover over the buttons to scroll rotator items.

- Verification Quick Tasks: Rotator type, Scroll direction, Scroll and Frame Duration, PauseOnMouseOver and WrapFrames enabled, Item count, Current item index.

- Sentence Verification Builders: Duration Values (Scroll, Frame), Behavior Settings (PauseOnMouseOver, WrapFrames), Item Index (Initial, Current item index), Dimensions (Width, Height)


*** Spell ***

- Translator for RadSpellDialog ASP.NET AJAX control.

- Actions: Dialog Button Click: Ignore, Ignore All, Add Custom, Change, Change All, Close, Undo.

- Verification Quick Tasks: Control to check, Dialog skin, Dictionary language, Selected language, Spell Checked.

- Sentence Verification Builders: Spell Check Text (string comparison).


***** Updated Translators *****

*** ComboBox ***

- SetText action translation changed to match real text type.

- New VisibleItemCount verification (active if filtering is enabled).

*** Editor ***

- New ItemCount and “items per row” verifications for Editor SplitButton translator.

- New ItemCount and Value verifications for Editor DropDown transaltor.

- New Dimensions (Width, Height), Tool Count and ToolBarMode verifications for the Editor translator.

*** Grid ***

- Changes:

    - Removed GridGroupFooterCell Translator which is no longer need to be separated from the GridFooterCell one with the new RadGrid from Q1 2009 release.

- What's New:

    - DragToSelect action (RadGrid.EnableDragToSelectRows) handled.

    - New TableName verification (active when name is set for the Grid Master or Detail Table)

- Fixed and improvements:

    - Improved actions to show the parent table name if set: paging, advanced pager, item expand/collapse, item select, edit/delete/update/insert/cancel editing item.

    - Improved columns reordering action translation.

    - Delete item action translation now supports GridButtonColumn (Command="Delete") with images.

    - Enhanced DataCell and DataItem HtmlControls' API with CanEdit/Delete/Expand properties, DataItem.DataCells property.

    - Item in edit mode quick task activates if the item can be edited only (built-in buttons).

    - Improved Sentence Verification Builders: main paramater selection changes other parameter values.

*** Input ***

- Improved Sentence Verification Builders: main paramater selection changes other parameter values.

*** Menu ***

- ContextMenu support in RadFileExplorer.

*** PanelBar ***

- Improved the support of SingleExpandedItem and FullExpandedItem.

*** Slider ***

- New Sentence Verification Builders: Boundary, Change, Selection Values of the Slider.

*** Splitter ***

- New Dimensions (Width, Height) verification for Pane and Splitter translators.

*** ToolBar ***

- Improvements for item check/uncheck action translation and verifications.

- ToolBar Orientation verification updated with new OrientationType property.

*** TreeView ***

- New CheckedNodeCount verification, CheckBoxesEnabled TreeView control property.

*** Upload ***

- New Sentence Verification Builder for input file count.