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WebUI Test Studio Archive 2009.20220 Beta

February 19, 2009

Full Details on what is new and fixed in version 2009.1.220:

*** Design Canvas ***
- When doing multiple deletes in the test explorer on coded steps the focus goes to the text editor and the user starts deleting code.   
- WebAiiVSIP: AddFunction COM Exception error.        
- Pop-up Issue
- FileUpload on IE8 RC1    
- When a code-behind is created for an .aii, the namespace is simply that of the project, without appending the folder structure that the file resides in
- Connect to modal dialog codegen broken in VB
- TestExplorer last step is partially displayed sometimes.  
- Navigate to, Refresh and stop does not work in IE 8 RC1                
- Floating browser tab does not lock to the browser (IE 8)                
- Test does not execute when there is one more instance of IE running IE8             
- Connect to Pop up throgh Modal dialog  page fails.          
- FF fails when handling Alert Element      
- File Upload fails both in IE and FF              
- Modifiy Download and LogOn Dialog Handlers to be more reliable(Use TypeText)             
- When adding an Element from the Project Elements that is a translator element, we should use the translator type.
- DOM Explorer nodes grayed out.
- Error re-openning a project               

*** New Translators ***
Added RadSplitter translators -- SplitterPane, SplitBar, SlidingZone, SlidingPanel, Splitter.
-          Actions: handled SplitBar (Expand, Collapse, Resize) and SlidingPane (Expand, Collapse, Dock, Undock) actions.
-          Verifications: orientation, splitter pane and split bar count, splitter/pane height and width, pane min/max width and height, is nested splitter, expanded or docked pane, scrolling enabled, etc.

*** All Translators***
- Translators support 'Add to Project Elements' option from the context menu.

*** Calendar ***
- Handled "View selector" click (whole month selection) action.
- Added Selection settings Custom Verification Builder (Multi selection, Row, Column, View selectors enabled).
- Added Range Min and Max date Verification Builder.
- Calendar date selection supports explicitly set non-system culture (requires Q1 2009 RadCalendar control).
- TimeView time selection supports explicitly set non-default format (requires Q1 2009 RadTimePicker control).

*** ColorPicker ***
- Full compatibility with the RadColorPicker Q1 2009 Beta (updated to reflect an Html rendering change).
- Fixed incorrect Custom Verification Builder option.

*** ComboBox ***
- Added automatic code generation to the ComboBox text comparison verification.

*** Editor ***
- Improved the identification of the RadEditor split buttons and drop downs elements (requires Q1 2009 RadEditor control).
- Added DropDownButton expanded verification.
- Handled SplitButton show/hide action.
- Added automatic code generation for the SpinBox value verification.

*** Grid ***
Breaking Changes:
- Grid pager translator (verifications and action handling) rewritten for the new RadGrid (Q1 2009) Pager.
- PageCount, PageSize, CurrentPageIndex verifications applied for the GridPager element (moved to the Pager translator) instead of the Grid data table.

- Added Grid Selection ‘DragToSelect’ type verification.
- Advanced Pager action translation (Go to page, change page size buttons' click handled).
- GroupFooterCell translator, HtmlControl, quick task verification and Verification Builder.
- GridFooterCell translator, control, quick task verification and Verification Builder.
- Multi-column sorting enabled verification for the TableView.
- DragToGroup/Ungroup actions translation improved to check the exact drop point location.
- Added ColumnsReorder verifications and Verification Builder -- reordering is allowed, reorder on the client enabled.
- Added DataItem Count quick task verification for the TableView.
- Added Resizing Settings quick task verifications (row/column resizing allowed) and Verification Builder (Grid level).
- Columns Reordering action translation.
- Added Pager verification -- pager mode.
- ‘Add new record’ form "Insert" action handled.

- RadGridHtmlControl.AllowRowSelection failing in Firefox.
- GridColumn SortOrder incorrect verification.
- Wrong methods used for code generation of the paging actions.
- Failing TableView.ItemCount Verification Builder validation for data items.
- Paging and Sorting actions postback submit buttons support.
- GroupHeader text comparison verification -- automatic code generation was missing.
- DragToGroup/Ungroup handled when dragging through the sort icon.

*** Input ***
- Setting text into the MaskedTextBox is now recorded in Design Canvas (requires Q1 2009 RadMaskedTextBox control).

*** ToolBar ***
- New SplitButton and DropDownButton translators, item count and drop down opened verifications, open/close actions handled.

*** TreeView ***
- Drag and drop of TreeNodes is handled (both by the drag/drop in Design Canvas and Desktop Action options).

*** Upload ***
-Upload handler now supports IE8.
-Added support for multiple file inputs (SelectFile by index).

*** Slider ***
- Enhanced the Slider Value verification to respect the Slider animation when applied (requires Q1 2009 RadSlider control).
- Improved the changing values action.
- Added verifications: direction, small/large change, min/max value.
- Fixed incorrect Custom Verification Builder options.

*** ToolTip, Window ***
- Fixed incorrect Custom Verification Builder options.