Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.7 SP4

September 19, 2010

What's New

  • Support for NET4.0
  • RadControls for ASP.NET AJAX version 2010 Q2 SP1
  • Turkish localization resources
  • Slovenian localization resources
  • Bulgarian localization resources

What's Fixed

Generic Content
  • LinkParser issue in Generic Content modules and GenericContent control
  • LinkPareser issue with anchor in the URL  Generic Content modules and GenericContent control
  • Fixes on LinkResolver and multilingual website (link resolving on multilingual web sites) using QueryString persistence mode
  • Urls were decoded in Generic Content control when the content is saved        
  • sfref attribute is now propertly removed on images within the content of generic content items

Images and Documents

  • png files were losing transparency when thumbnail is generated
  • Issue with RadDatePicker resetting to the default date
  • Improvements in CreateItemsCommands in the libraries backend templates (LibrariesControlPanel)
  • Improvements to the way Libraries templates are handled through ControlsConfig file
  • Issue related to uploading archive files

Blogs Module

  • Issue with creating post to a deleted blog when using back and formward arrows of the browser
  • Issue with permissions being reset for the Blogs module in some scenarios

Newsletter module fixes 

  • Default template and empty message holder no longer returns null
  • Issue in validatior controls when the Newsletters Subscription form control template is dynamically created
  • Links in the newsletter content were not properly resolved sometimes

Wiki Module

  • Changes in WikiviewSingleItem template - you have to merge changes to this template in case you use the external one
  •  Wikiview control - Searching within category is now possible


  • EventsView: Events comments were not working when Geomapping is enabled

Tags & Categories

  • Implemented Notify All for cache dependency handler, cache improvements
  • Fixed rename category issue, new implementation of renaming category functionality

Membership and Roleprovider Fixes

  • Delete role permissions when deleting a role
  • Delete related subscriptions when a sibscriber is deleted
  • SetTemplateControls() was returning null if there were no values set for FirstName and LastName in profile/properties of the users

Domain-Page mapping

  • Fixed case sensitive issues with domain name
  • PageSelector fix

Web farm related

  • Implemented CacheDependency for permissions


  • NewsIndexProvider now respects Publication_Date, otherwise future posts were indexed too
  • Implemented ShowResultsLabels for the SearchResults control


  • Fixed invalid cast exception when you use FloatingPoint as metafield type

Versioning and Workflow

  • Added lock for the workflow runtime - only instance of Workflow could be initialized at a time
  • Restore version button is visible by default, while rollback is hidden
  • Dix that prevents locking of items in some cases

Pages and Controls

  • Added IHeaderControl support in Page Edit mode
  • CategoriesTree control now supports CssClass property
  • Added support for google meta tag verification
  • Archive link is now removed since it is obsolete


  • Performance improvements for Genric Content items  


  • Small updates to the HTML

Login Control

  • Exposed DestinationPageURl property on FirstLevel

Active Directory

  • The default connection string was not used properly in some cases, after logging-in with Active Directory provider

Nolics fixes

  • Rename category for a module was throwing "you cannot change a value of an object which is not in transaction" - it is now fixed


  • GetContent() with sorting and range filtering was not returning sorted items

Other Fixes

  •  Tooltip and alternate text of SitefinityHyperLink control
  •  ViewModeControl was not resolving url when there was an apostrophe