Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.7 SP1

September 13, 2009

What’s New:
  • Added Anonymous Access property to Properties of Group Pages
  • CacheDependencies improvements and optimizations
  • RadControls for Asp.NET AJAX Q2 2009 SP1

What’s Fixed:

  • A lot of optimizations and bug fixes in all the Wiki Controls
  • Fixed issue with deleting temporary Polls images
  • Fixed JS error when you change radio button for allowing comments in the blogs settings

  • Fixed issue with pages with option "Show in navigation" set to "No" no appearing in the Page Selector
  • Fixed 404/resource cannot be found errors caused by space in the template name 
  • Fixed wrong message appearing when you select different language version from the dropdown in the Localization of Pages
  • Fixed localization issue related to an example query string "ta=:" breaking the language resolving
  • Fixed localization issue when requesting a physical page
  • Fixed incorrect redirect with localization when language does not exist
  • Fixed History tab images not appearing in "History View" window

  • Modified News Publication time in the Admin section to be different from the Public Control
  • Fixed issue with Site Menu control Group page not appearing in Site menu when you change from normal page (not published) to group page
  • Added missing BreadCrumb separators
  • Fixed issues with multiple image selectors on the same page in the backend not working properly
  • Fixed problem with sorting by custom meta field in Library public controls