Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.6 SP2

May 18, 2009

Major Fix:

-   Fixed a security vulnerability problem;

Note: We recommend upgrading all Sitefinity v. 3.6+  projects to Sitefinity v. 3.6 SP2. 
Such upgrade will involve simply replacing the binary files in the bin folder.

What's New:

-   [35069] New Site Templates - Personal-Spring and Personal-Variations;

Other Fixes:

-   [34404] Fixed issue with Author not shown when item is created in the Administration;


-   [34865] Fixed error showing when a template is deleted;


-   [35110]  Fixed issue with incorrect behavior of the AutoIndex property when the value is set from true to false;
-   PageIndex: fixed issue with incorrect indexing of Sitefinity pages when they contain RadScriptManager or RadStylesheetManager.