Release History

By product

Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.5

October 8, 2008


Performance Optimizations

· Implemented CmsPageCacheManager which supports providers model

· Added the option to enable CacheDependency for CMS Pages

· Introduced optimizations in CmsSiteMapProvider

· Completed performance optimizations in Images&Documents Module


· Added the ability to define hierarchical applications permissions for multiple membership providers

· Introduced the option to set Page permissions for multiple membership providers


· Implemented the option to specify which providers’ metafields to include in the search indexing in the web.config file

· Implemented the ability to specify search Input validation rules the web.config file


· Updated RadControls with the latest release of RadControls ASP.NET AJAX Q2

Link to online help for the RadControls ASP.NET AJAX Q2


· Introduced a FilterExpression property on all ContentView based controls

· Added the ability to map a domain name or extension to a site culture

· Implemented external spam protector provider for Comments

· Implemented CMYK support for the images in Images&Documents Module

· Removed the requirement to set ISAPI mappings to.sflb and .tmb extensions for the Images&Documents Module

Community Edition

· Added the option to select among three logos to show in the footer of the sites.

· Dynamic hyperlinks for Generic Content



· Fixed issue with auto indexing not taking into account the deletion of items

· Fixed problem with files locked if the indexing process is killed

· Fixed problem with Thread was being aborted error page showing upon search indexing

· Fixed problem with incorrect search results showing when there is a custom provider for News

· Fixed issue with incorrect URL address displayed if the language is changed during search indexing

· Fixed problem with PageIndex indexing the whole website when the starting node is an empty Group Page with no child pages

Images and Documents Library Module

· Fixed error appearing when there is a special symbol in the Library name and files

· Fixed problem with the upload of zip files greater than maximum library size

· Fixed problem with users not able to upload an image using the advanced options

· Fixed problem with Filter for category and tag disappearing when the View is changed from Thumbnails to List

· Fixed problem with List&Page option not working in the ImageGallery control

· Fixed problem with items not published when Workflow is applied

· Fixed problem with Edit and Delete buttons disabled if the library item is not saved after upload

· Fixed security error showing when you click the Edit link for image with locked status in Thumbnails view

· Fixed problem with Description option not working on the Download List control

· Fixed error showing upon a you click on the Select button for ParentID property on the Advanced tab of the ImageGallery /DownloadList control


· Fixed problem with Forums lists and categories displayed incorrectly when there are multiple Forum providers

· Fixed error displayed upon login of user with permissions to Custom forum provider

Content View Based Controls (EventsView/NewsView/BlogPost)

· Fixed problems with applying filters by tag and category on the ContentView Based controls

· Fixed error displaying when there are more than one Content View controls per page with different providers

· Fixed issues with incorrect pagination upon filtering by tags in the ContentView Based controls

· Fixed error showing when you click on a title containing non-Latin characters in ContentView Based controls

· Fixed issues with Content View controls not displaying the title of the items when the DisplayMode is set to ItemList

· Fixed problem with post form missing from the Content View controls when AllowComment is set to true

· Fixed problem with Selected blogs only option not working on the BlogPost control

· Fixed problems with the display of Past events, Current items, and Future items options in the EventsView control

· Fixed incorrect URL address showing upon selection of the Auto-generate a page that is the same as items list page option in the BlogPosts control

· Fixed issue with NewsView control showing all items when the expiration date is less than today

· Fixed EventsScheduleView workflow problems

· Fixed error showing when the date format for the Blog post is set to yyyymmdd, dd.m.yy or Day in the Properties of the BlogPosts control


· Fixed problem with IIS reset causing The resource cannot be found error page

· Fixed problem with validation not showing when a page is deleted

· Fixed issue with SiteMenu control not refreshed correctly

· Fixed problem with parent page hiding from the Site Map tree when the permission to any of the child pages is disabled

· Fixed problem with incorrect verification of Question-Answer password recovery in the PasswordRecovery control

· Fixed problem with input Request overriding the Rewriting rule with QueryString when using Advanced URL Rewriting

· Enabled duplicate values for URL rewriting rules

· Fixed problem with attaching zip files to Blog Postings made using Live Writer. Link to the plug in for adding zip with LiveWriter: Insert File(s) with Live Writer


· Fixed error showing upon an attempt to add a subscriber in Newsletter

· Fixed error when showing upon saving changes to the ContentView Based controls



· Saving a Page does not add it to the Index. It needs to be Published

· Deleting a page with multiple language versions doesn’t remove it automatically from the Index

Images&Documents Module

· Workflow and Versioning are not supported

· Setting the Image Control to display One per page creates redundant pagination

· The following setting doesn’t work: ContentItemKeyPersistance="Cookie"

· When uploading files, the progress bar is not displayed correctly.

Medium Trust

· Changes made in Edit mode to a page are not refreshed automatically. They become visible upon refresh or publish.

Mozilla Firefox 3

· In the Page Editor clicking on inserted image, selecting option Set Image Properties and then saving, breaks the reference to the image


· Versioning of Pages does not display correct data for Created date.


· When ContentView and EventView controls are added to the same page and no provider is specified for them, the events list is displayed by the ContentView control, instead of EventView. There is no such issue when Generic Content provider is specified.


· When editing an already inserted link, a prefix is added to the link. The added incorrect prefix must be removed manually.

· Insert Image dialog: when uploading an image, the application root must be substituted with a ‘~’ (tilde) symbol manually. Otherwise, link will not be dynamic.

· Google Chrome and Safari: difficult to select an image added in RadEditor.