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Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.2 SP2 Hotfix 1616

June 11, 2008

Dear all,
Sitefinity team is happy to announce the release of Sitefinity SP2 Hotfix 1616.


Fixes in ContentView Based Controls
-  Comments are not displayed when the Comments option in Blog Posts control is selected
Strip these HTML tags only option in Events View and Blog Post controls
Blog Posts control settings are not saved
Social Bookmarks are displayed even when disabled in Events View control
Create a blog and Browse links at the Basic tab of Blog Posts control
-  Changes to Label fields are not saved if the display option of the Events View control is not set
News Archive control URL rewrite problems when persistenceMode is set to QueryString
Added “Thumbnail”, “Summary” and “Source” options for the coresponding metafields for NewsView control

Fixes in Oracle
-  Uploading of files above 32 KB in the Images and Documents module
-  Compilation errors when creating an empty project

Other Fixes
-  Various errors when compiling a project
-  Key duplicate when adding an URL address to a page which is one level higher
-  Search PageIndex not excluding fields from indexing
-  Added URL rewrite format for events in the web.config


-  An option to disable the Link Parser in the web.config file


ContentView Based Controls
-  The String format fields for the Events View and Blog Posts controls are disabled
-  Selecting the two options Past items and Future items of the Events View control doesn’t work
-  The Categories set for the Events View control and Blog Posts controls are not applied properly
-  Pagination is missing when you filter by categories in News View control
-  Users cannot post comments for the events item when there are Events View ("List & Page" mode) and Blog Posts ("One per page" mode) controls on the same page
-  Tags count in all modules does not display the correct number for languages different than the default one

-  In Medium trust the AccessKey property
-  Newsletters cannot be not sent in Medium trust environment
-  The Profile link doesn’t work
-  Images added to the newsletter are not visible in the Subscriber’s email
-  Documents sent in a newsletter cannot be downloaded in the Subscriber’s email

-  Problems with ranking results
-  When starting node is an empty Page Group (no child pages), PageIndex indexes the whole site
-  Editing content for News and Blogs in language different than the default, causes the auto indexing to index the content twice for both languages (default and current)
-  There are some known issues with special characters and negative searching
-  BlogIndex doesn’t have validation for empty Blog Page, which results in creating non-valid URL using Blog's Name as a Starting Page

Images and Documents Modules
The module doesn’t support multiple providers
- Categories are disabled
- Only one <sflib:ButtonSelector> control works on a page with more than one instance
-  In section Administration, clicking on the Upload button and the logout link consecutively results in an exception RadUpload Ajax callback error
- There is no option to select images from libraries in ImageMapEditor tool for RadEditor
- Images cannot be selected in the Image control when the Alt Text contains an apostrophe
- Ampersand (&) in the image name is not escaped
- The fields for uploading files do not correspond to the max allowed files number
- The last uploaded file (in a library with set max number of files) forces an error


 -  Errors when adding the following controls to a page: News View / Blog Posts /Events View
 -  Sorting by Status in the Newsletters list of the Newsletters module generates an error.

-  Errors appear when building a TIU Demo Site in VS2008