Release History

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Sitefinity CMS 3.x and older versions 3.2

March 3, 2008

What's new in Sitefinity 3.2 ?

New Modules
- Images & Documents
- Events

New Features in Administration
- Personalization
- Export web site as template
- Ability to add RadControls "Prometheus"
- Ability to insert links to pages of Sitefinity in RadEditor

New Control
- Spam Protection

New Themes
- Company and Personal Themes

- Deny anonymous access and Show in navigation is applied on children pages
- Optimizations in Generic Content based modules

Known Issues

Medium Trust
 -   There are unfixed problems which appear in Medium Trust environment.

Notifications Module
 -   The module is still in test mode and not included in the official release.

Newsletter Module
 -   The module is still in test mode and available as a Beta release.

Images & Documents Module
 -   The module doesn’t work with custom providers
 -   Categories are disabled for this module
 -   An attempt to upload a file with a size greater than the one specified in web.config shows a 404 Error 
 -   An attempt to cancel a file upload shows an error in IE6

Events Module
 -   View as calendar and rescheduling don’t not work correctly in section Administration

Personalization Module
 -   Section Dashboard in the Administration doesn’t display correct dates for Last modified generic content items, Last modified news, and Last modified blog posts

Generic Content
 -   Clicking on a link and selecting the option Set Link Properties shows a JavaScript error

Multilingual Support
 -   News item created for more than one languages creates numerous records in the database
 -   In the Blogs with posting in more than one language a click on All Posts is not directed to the Blog list in the proper language

Search Indexing
- Clicking on Start Indexing displays an error if no PageIndex in What to index has been selected
- Searching through the public search control on a page locks the searched file. A click on Start Indexing for