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Data Access Samples Kit 2013.1219

February 19, 2013

New Samples

  • Stored Procedures and Functions - This example demonstrates the different approaches offered by OpenAccess ORM to execute stored procedures and functions.
  • ASP.NET MVC Data Annotations - The sample demonstrates an ASP.NET MVC 4 application with a client and server side validation using the Data Annotation Extensions over a code-first approach data model generated by the Telerik OpenAccess ORM.
  • Web API with WPF MVVM - This sample demonstrates the recomended practices for usage of ASP .NET Web API services generated by OpenAccess with WPF. It also shows how to implement an ASP.NET Web API service from an OpenAccess Domain Model. In the WPF client application you will encounter a full blown MVVM implementation that takes the most of the Telerik RadControls for WPF.

Deprecated Samples

  • WPF MVVM with OpenAccess - The sample is now replaced by the new "ASP.NET Web API with WPF MVVM" sample

Updated Samples

  • ASP.NET Web API with Kendo UI: New Features Added
    New features are added and some visual bugs are fixed in the sample:
    • Sorting
    • Filtering.
    • New "Create" and "Edit" commands using a custom Kendo Window.
    • New file upload using Kendo Upload.
    • Using new Kendo UI Controls: Kendo Date Picker, Kendo Upload, Kendo AutoComplete and Kendo Drop-Down List .
    • 3 New Tabs in the Details view:
      • Car information tab - with car image.
      • New Charts tab with Kendo DataViz Charts - Kendo Stacked Bar, Kendo Date Axis and Kendo Radial Gauge .
      • New Schedule tab with new Kendo Grid for car schedule for the next 30 days.
    • New custom client validation.
    • Improvements in the server-side validation.
    • A lot of new unit tests.
  • "Sofia Car Rental - WCF Data Services" example enhanced with stored procedure calls - The example now demonstrates how stored procedures or functions can be called through an oData service and the results to be read by the user interface.

Samples Kit Changes and Improvements

  • OpenAccess SDK renamed to OpenAccess Samples Kit - For clarification of the contents, the OpenAccess Software Development Kit is renamed to OpenAccess Samples Kit.
  • Emphasizing the changes in the samples with the New and Updated icons - The samples in the Samples Kit are marked with the two icons emphasizing the changes: New and Updated.
    The New icon marks the newly developed samples, while the Updated icon marks the samples with new features or improvements.
    The categories are also marked as New and Updated depending on their content. They would be Updated, if they hold only previously developed samples which are enhanced with new features.
    The categories would be New, if their content includes at least one newly developed sample. If a given category contains newly developed samples and enhanced ones, the category would be marked as New.
  • Requirement Checker for NuGet packages restore - A new requirement checker for verifying that the "Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build" setting of the nuget package manager is enabled was implemented.
  • Clean up functionality for the old Samples Kit cache folder - Now after changing Samples Kit cache folder, the old cache location would be cleaned up, to save user's disc space.
  • Restoring NuGet packages during the build process - The samples are now restoring their NuGet packages during the build process in order to reduce their installation size.
  • Retry functionality for reset failure. - Deleting a file or reseting a sample that it used now leads to a new Retry message offering the user to try again.
  • Version information available in the status bar of the Samples Kit application - The current version of the OpenAccess Samples Kit is now visible on the status bar.

Samples Kit Fixes

  • Database Management Tool: 'Create or attach a database’ group box selection not refreshed when the database is changed - The Database Management Tool dialog now properly refreshes the Create or Attach Database section after the user has changed the server name.
  • Database Management Tool: The default instance server not shown in the list of available servers. - Now the Database Management Tool properly finds default instance server and is shown as last one in the list of servers.
  • Database Management Tool: The text in the "Password" field not hidden when typing. - The "Password" box now hides the password.
  • Samples Kit creating automatically the Samples Cache folder on start up. - OpenAccess Samples Kit now will now create the Samples Cache folder only on demand.