Release History

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Data Access Samples Kit 2012.31209

December 11, 2012

New Samples

  • New Sample: Sofia Car Rental through Web API and Kendo UI - Added a new sample that demonstrates how to integrate Kendo UI and Web API. The new Sofia Car Rental Admin Panel web application features CRUD-enabled Kendo UI grid with pop-up editor and a modal pop-up Kendo Window

Deprecated Samples

  • Sofia Car Rental MVC 3 Razor and Fluent Mapping - Fluent Mapping is now presented with MVC 4 in the updated MVC Forum application

Updated Samples

  • All Telerik components are updated to version Q3 2012
    • KendoUI MVC Extensions (2012.3.1114)
    • RadControls for Silverlight (2012.3.1017)
    • RadControls for WPF (2012.3.1017)
    • RadControls for Windows Forms (2012.3.1017)
    • RadControls for ASP.NET (2012.3.1016)
  • MVC Forum project is migrated to MVC4 and is now using Kendo UI MVC Extensions
  • WCF Data Services with KendoUI sample migrated to Data Services v.5
  • Sofia Car Rental - WCF Data Services sample migrated to Data Services v.5

SDK Browser Enhancements

  • Visual Studio 2012 support is introduced for all samples - There is a separate Visual Studio 2012 solution file deployed with each of the samples.
  • Various small improvements in the Create or Attach Database Dialog

SDK Browser Fixes

  • SofiaCarRental21 database: Cars with duplicating tag numbers - Tag numbers for all the cars are now unique all over the database. Older databases might have to be recreated using the latest verstion of the script SofiaCarRental21.sql in order to avoid errors in the SofiaCarRental samples.
  • Running SQL scripts for database creation was possible on older versions of MS SQL Server then required - SDK Browser's Database Management Tool dialog now filters the available database servers based on their version and the requirements of the current sample. For example instances of Microsoft SQL Server 2005 will not be shown if the example requires Spatial Support that was introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 2008.