Release History

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Q3 2013

November 19, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: ASP.NET MVC 5 support
  • Added: Assemblies for ASP.NET MVC 4/5
  • Added: Visual Studio 2013 / ASP.NET MVC 5 sample project
  • Added: Visual Studio 2012 project for the ASP.NET MVC wrappers
  • Added: Ship the HTML/JS demos with Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC
  • Added: DeferredScriptsFor outputs the scripts of the specified widget only
  • Added: (DataSource) DataSource serializes arrays as expected for form data
  • Added: (Editor) .Tag() fluent API to allow initialization of inline editor
  • Added: (Menu) Enhance security trimming functionality to support a custom controller factory
  • Added: (PanelBar) Enhance security trimming functionality to support a custom controller factory
  • Added: (TabStrip) Enhance security trimming functionality to support a custom controller factory
  • Added: (TreeView) Enhance security trimming functionality to support a custom controller factory
  • Fixed: (Grid) MVC wrapper should apply popup editor Top and Left settings
  • Fixed: (Splitter) Nested Kendo UI MVC Splitter does not resize correctly upon initialization if adjacent parent pane contains another nested Splitter
  • Breaking Change: The dataSource serializes numbers based on the culture


  • Added: Header template
  • Added: Scroll to the selected item on mobile browsers
  • Fixed: AutoComplete loading indicator is misplaced in RTL mode
  • Fixed: Widget does not persist input value on initialization



  • Fixed: Widget falls into infinitive loop if value is not a valid date


  • Fixed: ColorPicker bug after calling enable(true)


  • Added: Header template
  • Added: Support for a specific cascade data field
  • Added: Scroll to the selected item on mobile browsers
  • Fixed: Exception is raised on item selection when the widget is empty
  • Fixed: ComboBox loading icon not visible when using the Metro theme
  • Fixed: Widget focuses input on initial load when 'suggest' is enabled
  • Fixed: Value assigned initially to the input should be persisted if not matched in the data
  • Fixed: The options.text is not set to the input element before the cascading functionality is initialized
  • Fixed: Widget throws a 'nextSibling is undefined' exception when an empty data source is set


  • Fixed: Sorting is not preserved in grouped virtualized DataSource with local operations

Date/Time Pickers

  • Fixed: Widget throws "Unsupported command" error in IE8
  • Fixed: IE10 > DatePicker's calendar closes automatically when widget is placed inside Kendo UI Menu widget
  • Fixed: DateTimePicker selects next month if min date is clicked
  • Fixed: The max() method does not update the configuration of the widget
  • Fixed: 18.10.1992 selects 17.10.1992 in DatePicker when TimeZone set to UTC - 3:00 Brasilia
  • Fixed: Widget clears the initial value if it is not valid

Drag And Drop

  • Added: Mobile friendly draggable support - holdToDrag configuration option


  • Added: Header template
  • Added: Input template
  • Added: Support for a specific cascade data field
  • Added: Scroll to the selected item on mobile browsers
  • Fixed: Widget throws JavaScript exception when trying to search data set through setDataSource method
  • Fixed: DropDownList performs a search in Firefox when any control key is pressed
  • Fixed: Widget does not select option label value when MVVM source binding is used
  • Fixed: The 'index' property is not working with MVVM or when the widget is initialized from select element
  • Fixed: Popup width is incorrectly calculated when box model is changed to border-box
  • Fixed: Search inside the widget does not work when long sequence is typed


  • Fixed: JavaScript error when pasting invalid HTML in IE8
  • Fixed: Regression in keyboard navigation
  • Fixed: refresh method throws exception in inline mode
  • Fixed: Inline Editor is not focused when user closes viewHtml dialog
  • Fixed: Editor initialization fails when document.domain is set
  • Fixed: Image percentage width is stripped from style attribute and converted to px
  • Fixed: Editor fires change event when not encoded and blurred or toolbar is clicked
  • Fixed: Inline editor nested in lists behaves unexpectedly
  • Fixed: tools.tooltip configuration is not honored when initializing tools
  • Fixed: Color dropdowns are not closed when clicking on createTable tool
  • Fixed: Editor destroy method does not destroy all of its components when using inline editing
  • Fixed: Indent / outdent in inline editor without content apply styles to container
  • Fixed: Inline editor throws exception when used in PopUp editor in IE8
  • Fixed: Formatting dropdown is not expanded properly on a page with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fixed: Paste event does not report what is pasted when inline editing in IE10
  • Fixed: Unable to type after using dropdown lists on iPad
  • Fixed: Inserting list in root-level inline editor converts editor element to list
  • Fixed: Cursor is not visible when inserting hyperlink and tabbing to the "Text" field
  • Fixed: Tables pasted from MS Word lack borders

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Responsive/adaptive rendering improvements
  • Added: "Modern UI" dimensions
  • Added: Generate source maps for Kendo UI minified files
  • Improved: Integration with Twitter Bootstrap
  • Fixed: IE7 detection regression


  • Added: kendo.parseDate should set default date to today when method parses time values
  • Fixed: parseFloat does not parse correctly numbers with exponent when the culture uses comma as decimal separator


  • Added: Adaptive rendering (web <> mobile)
  • Added: Grid column menu templates update
  • Fixed: String textbox in Grid filter menu does not have a top margin
  • Fixed: Some column headers are inaccessible when horizontal scrolling is used and there are no records
  • Fixed: IE > Field value not updated when using batch editing and multiple selection with NumericTextBox editor
  • Fixed: Grid fails to focus editable widget in IE8
  • Fixed: Filter menu PopUp in IE8 is rendered too small
  • Fixed: Style issue for dirty-cell indicator of the Grid
  • Fixed: Select element editor cannot be opened if multiple row selection and inline editing are enabled


  • Added: Allow long Menu item groups to be scrollable and fit the screen if they have no child groups
  • Fixed: Menu links are not activated via keyboard navigation
  • Fixed: First click does not fire a select event on a tablet device


  • Added: Header template
  • Added: Support for multi-selection without closing the popup
  • Added: Scroll to the selected item on mobile browsers
  • Fixed: MultiSelect loading indicator is misplaced in RTL mode
  • Fixed: Items cannot be deleted when widget is nested in a div with scroller


  • Added: The value binding supports <input type="date"> and <input type="datetime-local">
  • Fixed: Source binding elements are not updated correctly when they are bound to a multiselect value
  • Fixed: Databound widget child items are not bound to the correct items, if DataSource server grouping is enabled


  • Fixed: Widget throws "Unsupported command" error in IE8
  • Fixed: Alphabetical symbols are accepted when entered via the numeric keyboard in certain languages
  • Fixed: NumericTextBox does not handle correctly keyboards with different layout

PHP Server Wrappers

  • Added: (Editor) Included editor tag configuration



  • Added: Exact time rendering
  • Added: Adaptive rendering (web <> mobile)
  • Added: Mobile Timezone editor
  • Added: Slot template for day and week view
  • Added: Work week view
  • Added: Ability to freely resize and move events
  • Added: Show loading indicator
  • Added: Last Day option to the Monthly recurring rule
  • Added: Moving an occurrence with "edit series" option causes it to vanish
  • Added: Work hours styling
  • Fixed: All day event which ends at the start of month view is not positioned correctly
  • Fixed: Delete button and resize handles are not shown in IE8
  • Fixed: Event which ends at the beginning of the month view is rendered incorrectly
  • Fixed: Widget does not render a recurring multi-day event in Day view
  • Fixed: Monthly recurring event is shown inconsistently between months
  • Fixed: Weekly recurrence does not honour week day when rendering events in Month view
  • Fixed: recurrenceEditor frequency option is not set correctly
  • Fixed: Month view's more button is not placed correctly if some custom height is set to the scheduler
  • Fixed: Recurrence logic does not expand monthly frequency correctly when an interval rule is defined
  • Fixed: Recurrence logic does not expand weekly frequency correctly when an interval rule is defined
  • Fixed: Event which starts at the end time of the day view is not position correctly
  • Fixed: Event text may blend with the background for some skins
  • Changed: k-scheduler-agenda CSS class is renamed to k-scheduler-agendaview


  • Improved: Large ticks algorithm


  • Added: Changed TabStrip Ajax loading animation to a modern, more subtle one
  • Fixed: Widget renders ARIA attributes when id is not defined
  • Fixed: TabStrip displays multiple tabs as active if clicking very quickly on them
  • Fixed: TabStrip does not allow to focus input element placed inside a PanelBar widget


  • Added: expandPath API method
  • Fixed: Simple link list is not converted correctly to a tree
  • Fixed: Indeterminate state is not updated when loading children asynchronously


  • Fixed: Physically nesting Windows causes side effects related to title() method and closing action
  • Fixed: restore() method will not return widget instance if the Window is already in restored state
  • Fixed: title() does not update internal configuration, causing revert when setOptions is used
  • Fixed: Window resets its size when setOptions() method is used after resizing
  • Fixed: Maximized windows should not have rounded corners
  • Fixed: Opened pop-ups remain visible after window is closed
  • Fixed: Window does not minimize completely