Release History

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Q2 2013 SP1

September 18, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: editor templates for Url / Email / Password data types
  • Added: (ComboBox) Render the posted text only if the widget has value
  • Added: (Grid) ClientAltRowTemplate() method
  • Added: (Scheduler) Resize option in the Editable settings of the Scheduler
  • Added: (Scheduler) Support for setting EditorTemplate
  • Fixed: (DataSource) Filter on expression that doesn't have field name
  • Fixed: (Editor) Uploaded image is shown as undefined in ImageBrowser
  • Fixed: (Editor) ImageBrowser sends a request to create a new image/folder for each item in the data
  • Fixed: (Grid) Filter operators are not set correctly when culture is different than the default one
  • Fixed: (Grid) Wrapper does not render Refresh pageable message
  • Fixed: (Grid) Invalid template errors when using nested grids and the AntiXssLibrary
  • Fixed: (Grid) Server filtering doesn't work with filter values containing "&"
  • Fixed (Grid) hierarchy throws exception for French culture
  • Fixed: (Grid) Groups are duplicated when serverGrouping and virtual scrolling are enabled
  • Fixed: (Grid) An exception is thrown when using a ForeignKey column and binding to a DataTable
  • Fixed: (Grid) Delete command is triggered for master Grid when the delete button in a detail Grid with server editing is clicked
  • Fixed: (Grid) URL parameters different from these of Server Bound Grid are re-appended on each grid request
  • Fixed: (Validator) The string length validation is triggered for an empty input
  • Fixed: (Validator) The regex validation is triggered for an empty input


  • Fixed: Widget focuses element on dataSource bind when suggest functionality is enabled


  • Fixed: ColorPicker destroy method has bad performance on large pages


  • Fixed: Widget looses the caret when the placeholder is removed on focus (IE9 or lower)
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not persists pre-selected text if there is no data
  • Fixed: ComboBox selects first item incorrectly when initialized from SELECT element


  • Fixed: DataSource prefetch doesn't respect schema fields defintion
  • Fixed: Filtering with empty list of descriptors does not work with OData transport
  • Fixed: min aggregate reports incorrect values if data contains null values
  • Fixed: Read operation for complex fields fail to extract correct field name

Date/Time Pickers

  • Fixed: DatePicker does not refresh opened calendar when min value is set
  • Fixed: DateTimePicker does not set min value of the TimeView correctly


  • Fixed: DropDownList placed in iframe closes popup on click when opened on iOS device
  • Fixed: DropDownList does not select correct item when cascading instantly
  • Fixed: DropDownList does not select optionLabel when initialized from SELECT element
  • Fixed: Widget does not prevent browser's default behavior when SpaceBar is pressed


  • Added: Inline editing of header tags
  • Added: Ability to insert plain text within existing formatting
  • Improvement: Allow toolbar to be broken on arbitrary points
  • Fixed: Not encoded editor triggers change event on every blur
  • Fixed: IE8 triggers script error when selecting format in formatting tool
  • Fixed: Cut and paste operations cannot be undone
  • Fixed: Image browser dialog is not centered
  • Fixed: List commands may merge root-level text outside selection
  • Fixed: Custom tools without name are not rendered
  • Fixed: Some formatting is being lost when going to a new paragraph
  • Fixed: Browser controls for image resizing are disabled
  • Fixed: Custom tools do not honor the tooltip property
  • Fixed: Formatting is not preserved when going to new paragraph in FF
  • Fixed: Formatting root-level text to a list in inline editor replaces the widget with its contents
  • Fixed: Floating toolbar disappears when clicking on it in IE8
  • Fixed: Tool groups do not always wrap
  • Fixed: Change event does not trigger for inline editor

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Scheduler widget RTM release
  • Added: Allow widgets to work with border-box sizing model
  • Added: IE11 support
  • Added: Support for TypeScritp 0.9.1. Use boolean instead of bool.
  • Fixed: JQueryPromise is not a generic type and breaks TypeScript 0.9 definitions
  • Fixed: kendo.View can't render a template that has multiple top level items
  • Fixed: jQuery source map file is omitted
  • Fixed: fade/zoom startValue/endValue do not work as expected
  • Fixed: Some IE10 versions throw an Access denied JS error when Kendo UI is inside an iframe


  • Improvement: Optimized selection performance when there is no grouping or hierarchy
  • Fixed: PopUp edit form is not shown when new item is added in filtered grid
  • Fixed: Grid puts edited cell with a textarea in read-only mode when Enter is pressed
  • Fixed: MultiSelect widget used as editor closes when user clicks outside of the input element
  • Fixed: PopUp containers created for editors in inline edit mode are not destroyed on cancel
  • Fixed: Column menu width changes on opening and moving between the items in IE9
  • Fixed: Groups are duplicated when serverGrouping and virtual scrolling are enabled
  • Fixed: Grid column menu with fields with spaces
  • Fixed: Grid in-cell editing triggers change event when clicking on numeric textbox spinners with navigation enabled


  • Fixed: parameterMap on child datasources is not called


  • Fixed: ListView does not refresh the correct element when the item change modifies the sorting order


  • Fixed: Metro theme: Expand arrow not visible in Menu sub items when parent item is hovered
  • Fixed: SubMenuItems added via API do not have class k-first / k-last applied
  • Fixed: Menu prevents clicks on LABEL elements


  • Fixed: Regression in Grid with MultiSelect as editor
  • Fixed: Widget makes remote request when trying to select an empty array as value
  • Fixed: MultiSelect sends placeholder value on filter


  • Fixed: Regression in Grid with MultiSelect as editor
  • Fixed: kendo.bind does not support fully qualified roles (like kendo.ui.ListView)

PHP Server Wrappers

  • Fixed: (TreeView) Allow item URL to be set through the wrapper


  • Added: resource title, field and name to event template resources
  • Added: move, moveStart and moveEnd events
  • Added: RTL support
  • Added: Support for DTSTART and DTEND recurrence rule
  • Added: Show 24 hours button
  • Improvement: raise add event when adding new event
  • Fixed: Agenda view does not filter grouped events correctly
  • Fixed: Widget does not honor WKST value of recurring rule
  • Fixed: Edit popup closes in IE7 when trying to open dropdownlist widget
  • Fixed: Delete confirmation message is not shown when editor template is defined
  • Fixed: Month view more button does not work if editable is set to false
  • Fixed: Delete button is not hidden in non editable agenda view
  • Fixed: Header titles of the MonthView are displaced if German culture is used
  • Fixed: Resource grouping on string value results in an error
  • Fixed: Tooltip for event title with double quotes is not rendered correctly
  • Fixed: RecurrenceEditor is rendered incorrectly when the scheduler is globalized
  • Fixed: Validator cannot find the element of the resource editor


  • Fixed: Vertical Slider layout is incorrect in Kendo UI Mobile App


  • Added: append, insertAfter, insertBefore methods
  • Added: Error event, triggered when AJAX requests fail
  • Fixed: Splitter pane resizing does not work if only one pane exists initially and another one is added via API
  • Fixed: layoutChange event is triggered exponentially for each nested splitter


  • Fixed: Width and height cannot be set declaratively


  • Added: Introduced success callback for append() in scenarios when appending nodes to unfetched async parents
  • Added: Checkbox name can be changed through the fluent API
  • Fixed: Double initialization on the same element causes bottomless recursion
  • Fixed: Widget is unresponsive when initializing from UL with a datasource
  • Fixed: Calling setValid in drop event does not set valid field
  • Fixed: Disabling dragAndDrop using setOptions() has no effect
  • Fixed: Item templates that access state fields suppress expand/collapse/select functionality
  • Fixed: dragEnd event triggers before dragged node has been rendered on new location


  • Added: Allow saveUrl to be set in upload event
  • Fixed: Upload button has no margin in async mode in IE7-9


  • Added: validate event
  • Fixed: Error is raised when validating a container which contains svg element


  • Added: Option for customization of initial z-index value through CSS
  • Fixed: setOptions of the Window object does not work with the resizable option
  • Fixed: Setting draggable option through setOptions method has no effect