Release History

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Q2 2012 SP1

September 14, 2012

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: Visual Studio 2010/2012 Extensions with ASP.NET MVC project templates, configure and update wizards
  • Added: An overload for setting non strongly typed Model default value
  • Added: (Grid) Parameterless overload for Editable method
  • Added: (Grid) ToDataSourceResult calls the projection method after converting the result to List<T>
  • Added: (Grid) An overload for setting ForeignKey column member name as string
  • Added: (Grid) Decode url encoded values in the client template
  • Added: (ListView) Rendering of HtmlAttributes to ListView element
  • Added: (ListView) AutoBind setting
  • Added: (Menu) Direction option is missing in the MVC wrappers
  • Added: (TreeView) Default checkbox template
  • Added: (TreeView) Add LoadOnDemand configuration option to fluent API
  • Added: (Window) iframe configuration option to fluent interface
  • Fixed: Validation message is shown if StringLength(int.MaxValue) attribute is set
  • Fixed: Unobtrusive validation attributes are not rendered if the expression is (x => x.SubModel.Property)
  • Fixed: Input without value should not be validated for numeric or date type compliance
  • Fixed: (Grid) Widgets in the column header template are initialized twice
  • Fixed: (Grid) Error is thrown when grouping with ServerOperation false and aggregates are set
  • Fixed: (Grid) Ajax filtering on more than two OR filter expressions does not work as expected
  • Fixed: (Grid) Column menu fails to initialize if field of a complex object is specified
  • Fixed: (Grid) Destroy command inside the RowTemplate does not trigger destroy if ajax binding is used
  • Fixed: (Grid) Grid initialization fails if column attributes contains "class" in IE7/8
  • Fixed: (Grid) Footer cannot be scrolled if rendered from the server and no ClientFooterTemplate are set
  • Fixed: (Grid) Validation does not work if create command button is used within the toolbar template
  • Fixed: (Grid) Initial grouping does not work if server operation is false
  • Fixed: (Grid) Default values are not used during server binding
  • Fixed: (Grid) The Encoded column setting is not serialized to client side
  • Fixed: (Grid) Delete confirmation is not shown when server editing is used
  • Fixed: (Grid) Grouping ajax bound Grid raise an error in IE8
  • Fixed: (Grid) Custom command name should be rendered if text is not set when grid is bound on the server
  • Fixed: (TabStrip) ContentURLs get rendered as href
  • Fixed: (TreeView) Appending items to server-side rendered treeview without items yields JS error


  • Fixed: AutoComplete does not update the popup's position after rebind
  • Fixed: Dropdowns should resize according to opening element with percentage width
  • Fixed: Popup is opened after the widget loses focus


  • Fixed: The widget does not work on a mobile device


  • Added: Option to select an item by index/value when populating the data source of the widget
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not encode the text of the option element
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not update the popup's position after rebind
  • Fixed: Cannot enter a custom value if the list of items is re-generated
  • Fixed: Popup element is not opened on search
  • Fixed: Dropdowns should resize according to opening element with percentage width
  • Fixed: Popup is opened after the widget loses focus
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not select the correct item of the child combobox on onload
  • Fixed: When the text property is set and the widget is not bound, change event is raised on blur


  • Added: Request end event
  • Fixed: DataSource sync does not properly accept new models
  • Fixed: Operation descriptors should not be passed to the transport when client operation mode is enabled
  • Fixed: cancelChanges does not convert nested objects to ObservableObject
  • Fixed: Values are not converted if external model definition is specified
  • Fixed: Requests are blocked after custom error is processed during read operation
  • Fixed: Nested object are not observable after empty response of CUD operation is received
  • Fixed: Null values for fields of type string are converted to "null" when remote binding is used

Date/Time Pickers

  • Added: Copy class names of the input element to the widget's wrapper
  • Fixed: Input is not updated when a valid value is set with diff format
  • Fixed: DateTimePickers don't work in a mobile browser with native HTML5 input support
  • Fixed: DateTimePickers navigate to the next month when the last day of the month is selected
  • Fixed: Cannot choose date in IE with browser mode 9 and document mode lower than 9
  • Fixed: DateTimePickers do not work on a mobile device

Drag And Drop

  • Added: Introduced DropTargetArea primitive - manages live drop targets within an area
  • Fixed: DropTarget drop event is not triggered in IE8 when element inside iframe


  • Added: Focused state style
  • Added: Option to select an item by index/value when populating the data source of the widget
  • Fixed: The text of the option element is not encoded
  • Fixed: DropDownList does not update the popup's position after rebind
  • Fixed: Dropdowns should resize according to opening element with percentage width


  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown when the editor value is bound via MVVM
  • Fixed: Editor nested in window may not work in some cases
  • Fixed: JavaScript error is thrown in IE8 when pressing enter in an ordered list
  • Fixed: Editor content is lost after appending content to document.body
  • Fixed: Executing inline format commands may cause loss of data in IE7/8
  • Fixed: Editor iframe causes security warning in IE with HTTPS protocol
  • Fixed: Shift+Enter does not scroll to caret

Framework Constructs

  • Added: destroy method to all web widgets
  • Added: Allow functions to be used in data attributes during declarative initialization
  • Fixed: Multiple kendo.init kendo.bind calls do not unbind previous event handlers
  • Fixed: FX gets disabled if DataViz is included after Web


  • Added: Support for escaping a percent sign in a custom numeric format


  • Added: Support for preventing refresh through cancelling the DataBinding event
  • Improved: Grid should not display the string "null" or "undefined" when the cell value is null or undefined
  • Fixed: Selection does not work with jQuery 1.8.1
  • Fixed: Cursor is not persisted during column resizing
  • Fixed: Data is in incorrect order when grouped on a field with same date value and sorted by another
  • Fixed: Grid horizontal scrollbar not visible in IE8 in virtual scrolling scenarios
  • Fixed: Footer row cannot be scrolled horizontally after grid is re-bound
  • Fixed: Clicking cancel in a grid nested in another grid's popup closes the parent popup
  • Fixed: PageSizes DropDownList is hidden when Grid is populated through MVVM using a DataSource
  • Fixed: The new record is not removed after clicking the cancel button of the popup editor
  • Fixed: Column menu fails to initialize if field of a complex object is specified
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when setting more then two filters on the same field and filtering is enabled
  • Fixed: The grid footer has a scrollbar gap on mobile devices
  • Fixed: Column reordering doesn't work properly on command columns
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when edit form is shown for complex objects in popup and in-line mode
  • Fixed: Detail template cannot be set as a configuration option through MVVM
  • Fixed: Column menu doesn't work properly when reorder columns
  • Fixed: The grid footer is not shown on initial load if autoBind is false
  • Fixed: IE throws an error when Grid is bound through MVVM and column is sorted if filtering is enabled
  • Fixed: Popup windows remain in DOM during grid editing
  • Fixed: Filtering on foreign key column which contains literal symbol throws an error


  • Added: Sorting and filtering expressions are applied when loading child data sources
  • Fixed: get method does not find items in child data sources
  • Fixed: Loading nodes with hasChildren=false queries the child data source


  • Added: Support for preventing refresh through cancelling the DataBinding event
  • Fixed: ListView refresh throws an error in IE8


  • Fixed: closeOnClick disables openOnClick temporarily
  • Fixed: Menu doesn't work in Chrome for Android
  • Fixed: openOnClick not reset after closeOnClick


  • Added: kendo.init recognizes javascript reference as the role data attribute value
  • Added: role data attribute accepts full namespace as a widget identifier
  • Fixed: Parent field is not updated if it is changed from a nested template
  • Fixed: kendoPager does not support source binding
  • Fixed: Old event handlers are invoked when the binding has changed
  • Fixed: Incorrect action type is passed through the change event of the parent object in case item is added to nested array
  • Fixed: The checked binding does not work as expected with checkbox whose value attribute is set
  • Fixed: The value binding does not work if set before the source binding


  • Added: focus() method


  • Fixed: Clicking on .k-link elements within panelbar content collapses root items


  • Fixed: jQuery UI Draggable does not work in splitter panes
  • Fixed: Iframes in panes may trap events and restrict resizing


  • Fixed: Adding dynamic items does not work on iPad
  • Fixed: Remove method doesn't remove all contents if more than one
  • Fixed: Refresh method doesn't remove all tabs
  • Fixed: Removing tabs not functioning properly on touch devices


  • Added: Allow template to be set through data-template attribute
  • Added: Introduced simplified checkbox configuration and checkChildren configuration option
  • Added: setDataSource method that allows dynamic changing of dataSource
  • Added: Checkboxes set the dataItem checked state
  • Added: dataBound event
  • Added: Allow nodes to be reloaded by setting the Node loaded flag
  • Added: Initially expanded load-on-demand items are loaded through the datasource
  • Added: text(node, 'text') now updates the text of the given node
  • Improved: Performance with big data sets
  • Fixed: Reloading of subnodes leaves subgroup in faulty state
  • Fixed: Dropping items over unfetched nodes throws JS error
  • Fixed: append() method does not work with unfetched nodes
  • Fixed: Disabled items show wrong toggle arrow indicator
  • Fixed: Initialization from pre-populated node hierarchy does not render subnodes
  • Fixed: TreeView doesn't work in Chrome for Android
  • Fixed: Drag&Drop hover states not removed on touch devices
  • Fixed: dataXFields do not work with complex getters ("Product.Name")
  • Fixed: Popup-based widgets are broken when in TreeView template
  • Fixed: Calling append() with kendo.observable argument throws a JS error
  • Fixed: Calling `expand()` on load-on-demand nodes has no effect
  • Fixed: sourceNode event argument in dragEnd event is outside the DOM
  • Fixed: Updating text field in HierarchicalDataSource does not change node text


  • Fixed: Selecting multiple files in Safari/Windows results in failed uploads


  • Improved: Validator template should not encode the message text


  • Added: Refresh event is triggered when refreshing static windows
  • Improved: Error event passes error details to event handlers
  • Improved: Allow refresh() method to render iframe when passing iframe: true
  • Fixed: Minimized windows can be resized after they are moved
  • Fixed: Initialization always triggers refresh event
  • Fixed: Inherited window widgets throw a JS error when calling close() or destroy()
  • Fixed: Make the Window trigger a refresh event when an iframe is used