Release History

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Q1 2013 SP1

May 14, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: (TreeView) BindTo / Items methods honor templates
  • Fixed: Satellite assemblies are not loaded
  • Fixed: (ComboBox) The value is overridden when binding to a collection of SelectListItem
  • Fixed: (DataSource) AutoSync option is missing from the DataSource configuration builder
  • Fixed: (DataSource) Error is thrown when grouping by column under IE7/8 with server operations enabled
  • Fixed: (DropDownList) The value is overridden when binding to a collection of SelectListItem
  • Fixed: (Grid) Composite filter cannot be cleared in server binding
  • Fixed: (Grid) Grid renders obsolete cellspacing attribute
  • Fixed: (Grid) Update and Delete requests fails if only ModelState is returned and jQuery 1.9.x is used
  • Fixed: (TreeView) Items are not loaded on demand when a TemplateId is specified
  • Fixed: (TreeView) Implicit binding to TreeViewItemModel does not add the attributes
  • Fixed: (TreeView) Disabled items render enabled checkboxes with default template
  • Fixed: (Validator) Incorrect number validation when globalize.js is used
  • Fixed: (Window) AppendTo property is missing from the Window MVC wrapper
  • Fixed: (Window) Clear method does not hide the Close button


  • Fixed: Navigate when setting min value equal to current and selected value is null
  • Fixed: Today link is disabled if max value has different hours than zero


  • Fixed: HSV picker throws "currentStyle is null or not an object" in IE 8
  • Fixed: Select event is not fired when only the opacity is changed in HSV picker
  • Fixed: Inconsistent widget resizing when font-size changes


  • Added: Disable auto binding if the widget cascades
  • Fixed: The widget on third level does not select correct value
  • Fixed: ComboBox does not allow to select item after filtration
  • Fixed: Inconsistent widget resizing when font-size changes


  • Fixed: Filtering string column that contains null values with "starts with" or "ends with" operator throws JS error
  • Fixed: RequestStart and RequestEnd events are not raised during remove virtualization requests
  • Fixed: Data is re-requested if all items are deleted and query is called with server operations disabled
  • Fixed: Grouping on string or boolean and null does not yield correct result

Date/Time Pickers

  • Fixed: The widget shows incorrectly selected date in the calendar
  • Fixed: Today link is disabled if max value has different hours than zero
  • Fixed: Default date changes for all DatePickers on the page when value for one of them is selected
  • Fixed: Inconsistent widget resizing when font-size changes


  • Added: Disable auto binding if the widget cascades
  • Fixed: Select correct item by index when rebinding manually
  • Fixed: Focused state is not applied to the wrapper when in readonly state
  • Fixed: The widget on third level does not select correct value
  • Fixed: DropDownList does not select first item using MVVM source binding
  • Fixed: Inconsistent widget resizing when font-size changes


  • Added: Allow customization of default tool formatting
  • Added: refresh() method that allows re-initialization of editing area after moving it in the DOM
  • Added: Allow customization of foreColor/backColor palettes through tool options
  • Fixed: Keydown event does not trigger when executing commands
  • Fixed: Cannot create link from formatted text
  • Fixed: Editor ViewHtml dialog scrolls the page
  • Fixed: Deleting top paragraph causes next paragraph to have "line-height: 1.5;"
  • Fixed: ViewHtml dialog button text is not localized
  • Fixed: Incorrect range handling when selecting nodes at end of line in IE
  • Fixed: Editor underline tool removes custom styles
  • Fixed: Inserting an image which name contains a # via the ImageBrowser does not work as expected
  • Fixed: Not able to remove inline styles from text in Google Chrome and Safari desktop
  • Fixed: Foreground and Background color buttons are missing the unselectable attribute
  • Fixed: Adding a line feed on end of line in IE9 throws a JavaScript error
  • Fixed: Error event is not raised when file upload fails
  • Fixed: Editor selectedHtml method does not include spaces selected before text
  • Fixed: Caret is out of view after creating paragraphs at end of document (IE / FF)

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Exposed kendo.fx to TypeScript
  • Improved: Hidden PanelBar items in IE10 have additional spacing and a bullet when shown
  • Fixed: fx support for surface configuration option is broken
  • Fixed: Page turn effect is broken
  • Fixed: TypeScript definitions do not include kendo.ns
  • Fixed: Unbind doesn't detach the event handler if bound multiple times to the same event
  • Fixed: jQuery (instead of $) is referenced in kendo.core, which breaks AMD
  • Fixed: Buttons with k-state-disabled have hover and active CSS states
  • Fixed: BootStrap theme is missing focus shadows
  • Fixed: Retina sprites may be served improperly due to @ in name


  • Added: Format negative exponential numbers
  • Added: Support for case insensitive parsing of date strings
  • Improved: Prevent JS exception when trying to parse null with globalize.js
  • Fixed: kendo.toString does not round up numbers correctly because it depends on number.toFixed
  • Fixed: The TypeScript return type of kendo.culture is wrong


  • Added: Ability to set column resize handle width
  • Added: EditRow and editCell methods does not work if a selector is passed
  • Fixed: Column menu should not allow hiding of all columns with field defined
  • Fixed: Dropdown Popup cannot not be focused in grid column menu
  • Fixed: Filter menu cannot be focused in navigatable grid with column menu
  • Fixed: Groups cannot be collapsed if grid is instantiated via MVVM and bound to a DataSource instance
  • Fixed: Filters with null values are send to the server
  • Fixed: Manual filter on the dataSource does not add k-state-active class to the filter icon
  • Fixed: Loading animation is not positioned correctly in RTL mode
  • Fixed: Column resizing does not work as expected under IE when there are no records and scrolling is enabled
  • Fixed: Columns cannot be resized after setting new a DataSource instance
  • Fixed: Grid renders obsolete cellspacing attribute
  • Fixed: Destroying the Grid does not destroy reorderable
  • Fixed: Grid multi selection ctrl + click does not work on Safari (Mac)


  • Fixed: Error event does trigger when child datasource load fails


  • Fixed: Kendo Popup doesn't remove anchor's border-left/border-right on mouseleave


  • Added: Show initially selected values when widget uses deffered loading
  • Fixed: MultiSelect does not trigger the blur event when the value is changed
  • Fixed: Multiselect Popup opens and closes in IE8 when clicking in input area, but do a blur
  • Fixed: MultiSelect selected items area has wrong background color
  • Fixed: Binding MultiSelect to an ObservableArray of not ObservableObjects causes a JavaScript error
  • Fixed: The widget clears previously selected item if value binding points to a nested property
  • Fixed: MultiSelect does not perform search if typed test is same as the previous one
  • Fixed: The widget does not update correctly MVVM model if it has been filtered
  • Fixed: Do not open popup on click if minLength option is not set to 0
  • Fixed: Does not raise SELECT event when item is selected using keyboard
  • Fixed: Scale input width when widget is initialized in a hidden container


  • Added: Expose to TypeScript
  • Added: Support for binding multiselect to an array of value types
  • Fixed: Event binding doesn't work in some cases with nested view models


  • Added: Setting a min/max/step value modifies the min/max/step attribute
  • Fixed: Support for editing negative exponential number
  • Fixed: NumericTextBox spins multiple times on IE10 when arrows are clicked
  • Fixed: NumericTextBox with tabindex does not tab properly on iOS devices
  • Fixed: Inconsistent widget resizing when font-size changes

PHP Server Wrappers

  • Fixed: Filtering of string fields fails when the value is a number
  • Fixed: (Editor) Syntax error in ImageBrowser.php in php 5.3
  • Fixed: (Menu) Url method of the MenuItem is not available


  • Added: Provide out of the box mobile styling for Kendo UI Web Slider


  • Added: (Router) Calling preventDefault in routeMissing event should revert history change
  • Improved: The wrapping HTML element that is created for the view should be optional
  • Fixed: Multiple router instances lead to duplicate callbacks
  • Fixed: (Router) preventDefault in router events does not remove the fragment change from the history stack


  • Fixed: Script tags are initialized as panes


  • Added: method to refresh Tooltip content
  • Fixed: Document title is removed when tooltip is open
  • Fixed: Tooltip content is not cleared when its title attribute is missing and it was shown for another target


  • Added: Provide UI for reloading of failed requests
  • Added: Optimization of checkChildren performance
  • Added: Update templates when custom dataItem fields are accessed
  • Improved: Remove toggle icon when server returns empty result set
  • Fixed: Loading animation does not stop after failed requests
  • Fixed: Appending nodes through the API does not update the hasChildren field
  • Fixed: Items dynamically added via the append method cannot be expanded after they are collapsed
  • Fixed: insertBefore/insertAfter do not work when passing <div> as reference node
  • Fixed: Scroll position is not persisted when focusing widget


  • Added: XMLHttpRequest to upload event options (when available)
  • Fixed: File names in Upload files list does not get encoded
  • Fixed: Upload input element is not disabled on .enable(false)
  • Fixed: Returning empty string from Remove action causes error
  • Fixed: An error is raised when the server returns empty response (jQuery 1.9.x)


  • Fixed: Not required inputs are highlighted as such in IE8
  • Fixed: Validator does not work if input has a percent symbol in the name attribute
  • Fixed: Checkboxes are not validated correctly when jQuery 1.9.x is referenced


  • Fixed: Window content may overflow on initial load if maxHeight is set and no height is set
  • Fixed: content() method does not destroy child widgets
  • Fixed: Link in Window navigation is prevented when the Window is not fully visible and is not focused
  • Fixed: Passing an empty actions array renders close button
  • Fixed: Window ignores percentage dimensions (regression)