Release History

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Q1 2012 SP1

May 15, 2012


  • Added: Widget lowers the filter value when performing case insensitive filtering
  • Added: Support for case sensitive filtering
  • Fixed: Unable to select item in BM:IE9 DM:IE7 mode
  • Fixed: AutoComplete's value() method returns its placeholder value in IE
  • Fixed: The cursor is moved to the begining on input focus
  • Fixed: Popup width is incorrectly calculated for initially hidden AutoComplete
  • Fixed: Change event is not raised on blur


  • Added: Widget lowers the filter value when performing case insensitive filtering
  • Added: ComboBox copies the CSS classes to the wrapper element
  • Added: Support for case sensitive filtering
  • Added: Support for case sensitive selection using the text method
  • Fixed: Unable to select item in BM:IE9 DM:IE7 mode
  • Fixed: The cursor is moved to the begging on input focus
  • Fixed: Popup width is incorrectly calculated for initially hidden ComboBox
  • Fixed: Multiple ComboBoxes with the same DataSource and autoBind=false render popup simultaiously when one of them is activated


  • Added: OData transport wraps the field name in tolower() method to perform case insensitive filtering
  • Fixed: Model is not marked as dirty during its Change event
  • Fixed: GetByUid does not work as expected when remote virtualization is enabled
  • Fixed: Deleted items are synchronized even after changes are cancelled
  • Fixed: OData parameterMap must not append $format for json dataType
  • Fixed: OData orderby parameter should not be serialized if sorting returns empty list
  • Fixed: DataSource does not clear queued request on error

Date/Time Pickers

  • Added: Support for case sensitive searching
  • Fixed: Binding the widget to ViewModel sets its options to default ones
  • Fixed: Calendar navigates to an incorrect view if current date is 1.1.2012

Drag And Drop

  • Fixed: Mousedown is prevented on drag&drop targets


  • Fixed: Empty DropDownList goes into an infinite loop when trying to open it
  • Fixed: Unable to select item in BM:IE9 DM:IE7 mode
  • Fixed: DropDownList unbinds users' event handlers when the widget is disabled
  • Fixed: Popup width is incorrectly calculated for initially hidden DropDownList
  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation does not work after rebind


  • Fixed: Indenting plain text generates <div> element
  • Fixed: Disallowing clipboard access inserts BOM characters when pasting
  • Fixed: The 'encoded' property is not honored when triggering change event
  • Fixed: Empty paragraphs are non-focusable in Chrome/FF when initializing from textarea content
  • Fixed: Pasting content twice throws JS error in IE
  • Fixed: Support mobile devices with contentEditable besides iOS 5.x
  • Fixed: Cannot unbullet multiple lists within a table
  • Fixed: Changing list type of lists in tables causes loss of data

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Enhanced mobile platform detection
  • Added: Widget methods can be invoked via the jQuery plugin
  • Added: kendo.web.js and kendo.dataviz.js can be included simultaneously
  • Fixed: Selection is not cleared for items which are not visible
  • Fixed: Popup close animation effects are ignored
  • Fixed: Popup screen boundary detection now properly handles left and top fit overflow
  • Fixed: IE throws Access Denied when animating in a cross-domain iframe
  • Fixed: Button styling targets all input type buttons in Firefox
  • Fixed: Increase default drag hint z-index to overlay z-stacked windows


  • Fixed: toString() method rounds the number depending on the custom numeric format
  • Fixed: Improve custom numeric formatting
  • Fixed: parseFloat() method does not parse strings with percentage symbol correctly


  • Added: Column reordering feature
  • Added: Column resizing feature
  • Fixed: Grid navigatable does not work on numeric/date inputs in IE9
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when footer template is used and there is no data
  • Fixed: Setting virtual scroll declaratively does not work as expected
  • Fixed: Grid sets height to scrollable container when no height is specified
  • Fixed: DataItem method does not skip group footer rows
  • Fixed: iPad - grouping by two columns is not performed
  • Fixed: Keyboard navigation does not skip group footer rows
  • Fixed: Clicking on group footer row selects it
  • Fixed: Error is thrown when column with numeric textbox is focused during tabbing in IE8
  • Fixed: Dragging column from a child grid can only be dropped on the parent
  • Fixed: Editable grid does not pass the correct element to model's validate method
  • Fixed: Items method returns footer rows
  • Fixed: Grouping throws an error if page is zoomed
  • Fixed: Detail template expand state is not maintained if owner group is expanded
  • Fixed: Model is not passed as an argument to the Save event during PopUp editing
  • Fixed: Grid horizontal scrolling does not move the header cells


  • Added: Exposed Pager change event
  • Fixed: Selectable and navigatable are not present in ListView options
  • Fixed: Constrain loading icon to the widget container


  • Added: Improve item creation from plain HTML
  • Added: popupCollision property
  • Fixed: Menu links are not navigating on mobile
  • Fixed: Menu doesn't support content in dataSource


  • Added: Traverse parent observable objects when resolving bindings
  • Added: Support for setting autoBind option if bound to DataSource through MVVM
  • Added: Multiline JSON support in data attributes
  • Fixed: The attr binding cannot set HTML5 data attributes
  • Fixed: Cursor position is not persisted when value binding with update on keyup mode is used


  • Fixed: Uppercase format letters are not supported
  • Fixed: Formatted values are not shown in iPad (iOS 5)


  • Added: Activate event, fired after expand complete
  • Fixed: PanelBar doesn't handle well the expanded data property
  • Fixed: PanelBar doesn't show content element and arrows with dataSource init
  • Fixed: PanelBar not showing arrows for added items with content
  • Fixed: Fire collapse event when expanding in single mode


  • Fixed: Values() doesn't work with an array of numbers
  • Fixed: Slider tooltip format does not work
  • Fixed: The slider's tooltip is not visible when the slider is in a window
  • Fixed: Calling enable() on an enabled slider causes unexpected behavior


  • Fixed: Focus on inputs inside panes is sometimes prevented


  • Fixed: TabStrip doesn't work on mobile devices when the mobile scroller script is not loaded


  • Added: Observable objects cannot be used as node data when dynamically inserting nodes
  • Fixed: DragStart event cannot be prevented
  • Fixed: Dynamically inserted nodes do not use the treeview template


  • Fixed: Selected files are uploaded after cancelling the select event
  • Fixed: User data set in the upload event is duplicated on retry. Note that user data can no longer be changed on retry


  • Fixed: Multiple validation messages are shown when target input name contains dots


  • Added: Introduced 'appendTo' option to simplify usage in ASP.NET WebForms
  • Fixed: Maximized windows with title are higher than the page
  • Fixed: Setting small font-size breaks titlebar buttons rendering
  • Fixed: Bottom border is invisible in IE7
  • Fixed: Content iframe gets removed if window is refreshed with local URL
  • Fixed: Modal Window remains below overlay after closing another modal Window
  • Fixed: toFront() increases the window z-index even if the window is topmost