Release History

By product

Q3 2013

November 19, 2013


  • Added: ActionSheet close event
  • Improved: Re-do the ActionSheet positioning with CSS only

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: ASP.NET MVC 5 support
  • Added: Assemblies for ASP.NET MVC 4/5
  • Added: Visual Studio 2013 / ASP.NET MVC 5 sample project
  • Added: Visual Studio 2012 project for the ASP.NET MVC wrappers
  • Added: Ship the HTML/JS demos with Kendo UI Complete for ASP.NET MVC
  • Added: DeferredScriptsFor outputs the scripts of the specified widget only
  • Added: (DataSource) DataSource serializes arrays as expected for form data
  • Fixed: Mobile Application is not initialized with proper root url
  • Breaking Change: The dataSource serializes numbers based on the culture


  • Added: Support for enabling/disabling a button widget instance


  • Added: Drawer swiping to open gesture can be enabled/disabled
  • Fixed: Drawer locks up the previous view when navigating
  • Fixed: Click on the drawer also fires View's touch event
  • Fixed: Select in Drawer shows in Views, unless Web common CSS is included
  • Fixed: Drawer and view with inputs do not work well in certain cases

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Changed the default iOS theme to iOS7
  • Added: Method to close all excessive popups on View navigate
  • Added: Support for setDataSource method
  • Added: beforeHide event to the Kendo UI Mobile view
  • Added: Generate source maps for Kendo minified files
  • Improved: Widget flexibility to enable responsive pages
  • Fixed: Input elements float over header/footer when app-wide native scrolling is on
  • Fixed: Action icon is not visible in iOS7
  • Fixed: content method is not working as expected
  • Fixed: Checkboxes are not displayed correctly when flat skin is used on Android
  • Fixed: iOS7 themed back button arrows are not visible on Android
  • Fixed: Browser back button is not synced correctly with back button taps
  • Fixed: Vertical scrolling is enabled if the page contains complex content


  • Added: Support for filtering of local data when in virtual mode
  • Added: Reset method which resets the listview to its initial state (virtual mode)
  • Fixed: iOS7 themed ListView and back button arrows are not visible on Android
  • Fixed: ListView does not remove its wrapper
  • Fixed: ListView links are missing arrows in Android and Flat theme
  • Fixed: Glitch in ListView's filter box styling (Flat theme)
  • Fixed: Endless scrolling end reached leaves the loading space
  • Fixed: Endless scrolling is erratic on WP8 (Lumia 820)
  • Fixed: Last item is cut when filtering is used along with the flat theme and endless scrolling
  • Fixed: mobile listview setDataSource does not work as expected in virtual mode
  • Fixed: Detail buttons turn white in iOS7 when the row is highlighted


  • Improved: Re-do the ModalView positioning with CSS only


  • Fixed: NavBar buttons are not activated if the touch point is moved within the button


  • Added: Animated scrollTo(x, y) method for mobile scroller


  • Fixed: Multiple ScrollView widgets placed in the same View are not visible initially
  • Fixed: ScrollView cannot display pages with multiple items if full set of data is not available
  • Fixed: ScrollView's pager does not calculate pages correctly when itemsPerPage is larger than 1
  • Fixed: Support for local data and multiple items per page


  • Added: Support for collapsible panes in vertical mode (Portrait Mode)


  • Added: Support for enabling/disabling a switch widget instance