Release History

By product

Q3 2013 SP1

January 15, 2014

Area Chart

  • Color binding overwrites area series color

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • (VS Extensions) Support for VS 2013 Kendo UI project templates, automatic upgrades for ASP.NET MVC 4/5 projects and installer VS 2012/2013 offline demo projects
  • (VS Extensions) Added support for .NET 4.5.1 projects
  • (Map) Allow setting custom marker shape name
  • (Map) A template can't be set for map markers
  • (Map) markerCreated is not accessible in wrappers
  • (Map) Marker shape can't be set to pinTarget
  • (Map) Marker and MarkerDefaults builders are not functional

Framework Constructs

  • Added step, skip and color for the major/minor ticks for the axes
  • Generate TypeScript method overloads with correct parameter types
  • div element is not cleaned up from DOM after rendering a DataViz widget
  • Custom aggregates overwrite the first data item (regression from internal builds)
  • errorBar color is overriden by series color (regression from internal builds)
  • Incorrect text is rendered for chart point notes (regression from internal builds)
  • Possible stack overflow when using dynamic (function) options (regression from internal builds)
  • Error bars are not displayed for line and area charts (regression from internal builds)
  • An extra label can be rendered when the last category equals the end of the last period
  • Last category can become "stretched" for justified date axis with user set max
  • Setting roundToBaseUnit to false can produce a trailing date group
  • Shared tooltip is not enabled for series that don't have a name
  • JavaScript error when Visual Studio 2013 BrowserLink is enabled.
  • DOM elements are leaked by kendo.core.js

Line Chart

  • Line chart with multiple series breaks the hover/tooltip
  • Color binding overwrites line series color

Map (Beta)

  • Zoom controls added to Map
  • Added position option for map controls
  • New pannable configuration property
  • New zoomable configuration property
  • zoomStart event is now cancellable
  • Closed LineString / MultiLineString are not filled
  • Zoom events are not fired for pinch-to-zoom gestures
  • Circles do not have default style and radius
  • markerCreated is not fired
  • Coordinates returned from eventToView are invalid if the map is scrolled
  • Marker location is passed as array to tooltip template (instead of Location instance)
  • Marker defaults override marker options
  • Marker "location" property is incorrectly documented as "position"
  • Error can occur if shape layer is bound to local GeoJSON that contains Points (markers)
  • Disabling the attribution throws an error
  • Map center can't be set to Location instance

PHP Server Wrappers

  • (Map) markerCreated is not accessible in wrappers


  • Tooltip is not visible unless tooltip.shared is set to false

Stock Chart

  • Stock chart navigator disappears on resize (regression from internal builds)
  • StockChart size is not updated on resize() method call