Release History

By product

Q3 2012 SP1

January 16, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: Support for rendering the widget initialization script outside of the widget wrapper
  • Added: (Chart) Series highlight configuration options
  • Added: (Chart) Multiple category axis support
  • Added: (Installer and VSX) Right-To-Left support
  • Added: (Installer and VSX) Support for Trial Hotfixes in Upgrade Wizard
  • Added: (Installer and VSX) DataViz theme support
  • Added: (Installer and VSX) Improve the rendering of the elements in the Kendo UI for MVC project templates for IE7 and IE8
  • Fixed: Security trimming uses the incorrect authorization attributes if controllers are named in the same way
  • Fixed: (Gauge) Serialization of the radial gauge labels doesn't work
  • Fixed: (Installer and VSX) Incorrect Upgrade Wizard behaviour related to kendo.[theme].min.css include
  • Fixed: (Installer and VSX) Convert wizard for Web Forms projects

Framework Constructs

  • Added: select, selectStart and selectEnd events
  • Added: series highlight configuration options
  • ixed: Categories are not cleaned up after redraw/rebind
  • Fixed: Chart tooltip is not displayed on tap
  • Fixed: Series click and hover don't work
  • Fixed: Categories are not cleaned up after redraw/rebind
  • Fixed: Drag event axis range is incorrect for a vertical/reversed value axis
  • Fixed: Value/x/y/Axis range can be incorrect when the default axis has a name
  • Fixed: Line/scatter series can't be clicked or hovered in IE 8
  • Fixed: The chart prevents touch scrolling even when no drag events are attached
  • Fixed: All elements have no events under clipped div in IE8
  • Fixed: Added missing category axis options - Justified, BaseUnitStep, AutoBaseUnitSteps, MaxGroups, RoundToBaseUnit, BaseUnit: Fit

Linear/Radial Gauge

  • Added: Data attributes for the radial and linear gauge

Pie Chart

  • Fixed: Pie chart with a segment without gradient doesn't show anything in IE 8

Stock Chart

  • Added: Navigator dataSource, dateField and autoBind options
  • Added: Navigator visible and hint configuration settings
  • Fixed: Stock chart can hang while zooming (w/mousewheel or touchpad) on OSX