Release History

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Q3 2012

November 14, 2012

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: StockChart extension
  • Added: (Chart) Data source model can now be configured via Chart MVC wrapper
  • Added: AutoBind option

Bubble Chart

  • Fixed: Bubbles can sometimes appear below grid lines

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Candlestick and OHLC series
  • Added: Five new themes - Bootstrap, High Contrast, Metro Black, Moonlight and Uniform
  • Added: DataViz Theme Builder
  • Added: dragStart, drag and dragEnd events
  • Added: zoomStart, zoom and zoomEnd events
  • Added: 'justified' option to categoryAxis to allow positioning of series points at the axis edges. Default value is false
  • Added: roundToBaseUnit option for categoryAxis (default: true)
  • Added: "auto" baseUnit option for automatic date grouping that tries to fit available data on screen
  • Added: baseUnitStep option for aggregating date series into multiples of days, weeks, etc.
  • Added: Support for aggregating categorical series into weeks
  • Added: "narrowRange" option to value/x/yAxis options. Setting it prevents the automatic range from snapping to 0
  • Added: Customizable panes for organizing complex charts
  • Added: x/yAxes aliases. They take precedence over x/yAxis
  • Added: valueAxes alias. Takes precedence over valueAxis
  • Added: categoryAxes alias. Takes precedence over categoryAxis
  • Added: axisCrossingValues alias. Takes precedence over axisCrossingValue
  • Fixed: Nexus 7 not detected as a tablet
  • Fixed: Tooltip font set in series is not applied
  • Breaking Change > Improvement: missingValues defaults to "zero" for area, stacked area and stacked line series
  • Breaking Change: DataViz widgets require theme-specific stylesheets

JSP (Java) Server Wrappers (BETA)

Area Chart

Bar Chart

Bubble Chart

Donut Chart

Linear/Radial Gauge

Line Chart

Pie Chart

Scatter Chart

Stock Chart

Stock Chart

New stockChart widget for visualizing financial data. Supports panning and zooming on desktop and mobile devices.