Release History

By product

Q2 2013 SP1

September 18, 2013

ASP.NET MVC Server Wrappers

  • Added: editor templates for Url / Email / Password data types
  • Added (Chart) missing PlotArea Opacity setting
  • Added: (Chart) WeekStartDay option to date category axis
  • Fixed: (DataSource) Filter on expression that doesn't have field name
  • Fixed: (Radial Gauge) RangeSize and RangeDistance options are missing in MVC wrappers


  • Improvement: Improved edge sharpness for SVG and Canvas rendering


  • Fixed: Target is visible when the bullet chart has no data

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Ability to set skip and step to major/minor grid lines and ticks
  • Added: IE11 support
  • Added: Type to category axis to allow overriding automatic type selection
  • Improvement: setOptions now calls redraw implicitly
  • Fixed: jQuery source map file is omitted
  • Fixed: renderAs can't be set with data attributes
  • Fixed: Series aggregates do not work for compound fields (xxx.yyy)
  • Fixed: Chart in RTL mode causes the page width to expand
  • Fixed: Cursor rendering should work in vml
  • Fixed: Series points are not bound if the aggregate returns object with fields (regression)
  • Fixed: seriesColors can't be set through data attributes
  • Fixed: Note text is lost if series values are aggregated (e.g. date series)
  • Fixed: Categorical charts should work with string values
  • Fixed: Aggregates should work with value null
  • Fixed: Lines are thicker than the set width (VML)
  • Fixed: Highlight is not applied to line series
  • Fixed: Hint template should not render html as string

Linear/Radial Gauge

  • Fixed: Add labels position to the radial scale


  • Improvement: Improved QR code VML rendering
  • Improvement: Improved edge sharpness for SVG and Canvas rendering

Stock Chart

  • Fixed: The navigator pane is not documented/accessible
  • Fixed: The navigator categoryAxis is not documented/accessible
  • Fixed: Stock chart selection does not always expand fully