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Q1 2014

March 18, 2014

All components

  • Diagramming widget
  • Bundles produced by the Custom Download Builder can't be loaded with RequireJS
  • Tile effect does not behave as expected in Firefox


  • Bars are animated in the wrong direction for mixed positive/negative values
  • Incorrect bar width when only one series is visible (stacked and grouped chart)
  • Stacked bar chart should render correctly with axis.min different from 0


  • 100% stacked column / bar / line / area series
  • Add logarithmic value axis
  • The series.stack option now accepts an object in addition to existing syntax
  • Improved performance for high loads
  • Clip out-of-range line points
  • Charts are clipped between the axes
  • HTML entites are not encoded in svg() output
  • Plot bands are not rendered when categoryAxis.justified is true
  • 100% stacked series are plotted incorrectly if series contain undefined values
  • Crosshair click should trigger plotAreaClick
  • setOptions does not merge objects
  • Breaking Change: Reverse mousewheel zoom direction. Axis scale now extends when rotating down


  • Keyboard bindings for Map pan and zoom
  • Add marker layer with support for data binding
  • Add distanceTo and greatCircleTo methods to Location
  • Automatic layer visibility based on active area / zoom level
  • The extent method can now act as setter. Changes Map center & zoom level to fit given extent.