Release History

By product

Q1 2013 SP1

May 14, 2013


  • Fixed: Bullet chart does not accept negative target values

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Performance improvements in large categorical charts
  • Added: Series visible for the chart legend
  • Added: click event for the legend
  • Improved: Ignore missing (or undefined) values in pie series
  • Fixed: Calling refresh duplicates series when data source is grouped
  • Fixed: Chart throws javascript error when the DataSource returns an empty array
  • Fixed: Setting empty array to autoBaseUnitStep.minutes does not prevent zooming into minute range
  • Fixed: Specifying a named stack on the first series results in incorrect axis range

PHP Server Wrappers

  • Fixed: Filtering of string fields fails when the value is a number


  • Fixed: Sparkline container height is ignored in favor of line-height
  • Fixed: Incorrect RequireJS dependencies

Stock Chart

  • Fixed: Stock chart series should be updated after refresh()
  • Fixed: Hang when displaying extended date ranges (> 20 years)
  • Fixed: StockChart does not zoom to the maximum available level
  • Fixed: Incorrect RequireJS dependencies
  • Fixed: Stock chart / axis selection is not draggable in IE8