Release History

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Q1 2012 SP1

May 15, 2012

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Widget methods can be invoked via the jQuery plugin
  • kendo.web.js and kendo.dataviz.js can be included simultaneously
  • Added: dataItem is now available in category axis label template
  • Added: axisLabelClick event
  • Fixed: verticalArea themes don't match area styling
  • Fixed: seriesHover is not triggered when moving over neighboring points in line/area series
  • Fixed: Clicking on a data point label text does not trigger a seriesClick event
  • Fixed: Gradient fills are rendered as black if base tag is present on the page
  • Fixed: Transparent background is rendered as black in Opera
  • Fixed: Error when binding to a field that is not defined in the data item
  • Fixed: Points with null X or Y value should be treated as null
  • Fixed: Background is set to black when specifying transparent (VML)
  • Fixed: dashType is not applied to scatter line series


  • Added: Introduced scale.reverse configuration option
  • Fixed: Gauge svg method throws an error
  • Fixed: Error when calling the svg() method
  • Fixed: animation.speed is not used for initial animation