Release History

By product

Q1 2012 BETA

February 29, 2012

Area/Stacked Area Chart

Framework Constructs

  • Added: Support for multiple value axes in categorical charts
  • Added: Support for binding to grouped data source
  • Added: Mirror option for controlling the axis labels position
  • Added: Label step property for category axis (area, bar, line and scatter charts)
  • Added: Axis reverse option
  • Added: Visible property for axes
  • Fixed: Value axis line is clipped to last minor tick (line, bar and scatter charts)
  • Fixed: Grid lines do not extend to the full size of the axis (line, bar and scatter charts)
  • Fixed: Chart animations break when playing in background tab with jQueryUI on the page
  • Changed: Axis orientation property deprecated in favor of dedicated verticalLine and verticalArea chart types
  • Changed: DataViz suite now requires kendo.dataviz.css to be included
  • Changed: Chart is moved to kendo.dataviz.ui namespace. Previously it was part of kendo.ui

Pie Chart

  • Fixed: Pie chart padding is 60px by default instead of percentage of the container

Radial Gauge

Scatter Chart

  • Added: Support for multiple X/Y axes in scatter charts
  • Fixed: Scatter and Scatter Line charts can't be used simultaneously
  • Fixed: Error occurs when a chart contains static and bound scatter line series