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Release History

Telerik UI for PHP is Retiring

Driven by the evolution of technology and industry standards, Progress Software is deprecating Telerik UI for PHP effective December 1, 2023. Technical support and critical fixes will be available until December 1, 2024.

UI for PHP 2017.2504

May 3, 2017

Release notes for UI for PHP v2017.2.504


What's new

  • feat: more arguments to groupHeaderTemplate and groupFooterTemplate
  • feat: add more grid events

What's fixed

  • Bower semver implementation deems jquery 3.x invalid (#2921)
  • sourceMappingURL for CDN CSS files not found in Edge (#2460)
  • Wrong .k-i-preview icon in web icon font


What's new

  • Accessibility improvements for Calendar


What's fixed

  • kendo.dataviz.themes.js doesn't work in strict mode (#3035)
  • Inconsistent series visibility persistence on dataSource change (#2811)


What's fixed

  • fix(dialog): wrong content height when custom height is set


What's new

  • Add drawing elements cursor option.

What's fixed

  • Drawing API does not support column-count CSS property (#2850)


What's fixed

  • Table resize handles are exported along with contents to PDF (#2535)
  • Fix the Title field in the Insert File dialog does not insert a title attribute to the inserted A tag (#2480)
  • kendo ui editor refresh issue on firefox after insert html (#2432)
  • JS error on exporting Editor to PDF in IE and Edge



What's fixed

  • Kendo UI Map extent method does not work properly across International Date Line (#2820)


What's new

  • Accessibility improvements for NumericTextBox
  • Visual feedback on invalid input (blink)

PDF Export

What's fixed

  • The icons for sorting, column and filter menus in the Grid are not correctly exported in PDF on Export to PDF demo. (#2861)
  • Drawing exports sub elements content as sup elements content in IE (#2762)
  • JS error on exporting Editor to PDF in IE and Edge


What's fixed

  • Widget throws an exception when move dimension from columns to rows and one row is expanded

ThemeBuilder SASS

What's new

  • Theme Builder - Add link in the header to navigate to theme builder documentation of each product

What's fixed

  • The swatches for AJAX in Glow skin appear as cut off
  • RadSplitter for ASP.NET AJAX splitbar moves unexpectedly on mouse click
  • ImageEditor for ASP.NET AJAX tools are not shown properly inside the toolbar


What's new

  • Upload - improve upload-action button states
  • Upload chunking

Wrappers (PHP)

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