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The Kendo UI ThemeBuilder helps you easily apply color changes both across your component collection and for individual components. While the ThemeBuilder can be used on its own, the Kendo UI Kits for Figma are designed to work seamlessly with it. Just another way we are making the design-to-development handoff easy!

Kendo UI for Angular ThemeBuilder

Designer Friendly

The Kendo UI Kits for Figma follow the same structure as the ThemeBuilder app, so changing settings in one is the same process as changing settings in the other. The styles used in the Kendo UI Kits have identical variable counterparts in Kendo UI themes. Once you have the final design with the required colors in Figma, you can enter them into the ThemeBuilder to make the two match. When that's done, you'll have a css/scss file to use across projects.

Three Built-in Themes

There is no need to build your own designs. The ThemeBuilder includes three ready-to-use themes. These include our own professionally designed Kendo Default as well as the popular Bootstrap and Material themes. You can use them as is or customize however you like.

Color Swatches

Rather than define your colors individually, you can select from the ThemeBuilder's predefined color swatches. Designed to help you get your look as fast as possible, these swatches offer a collection of professional color palettes. Feel free to experiment and enjoy the beautiful and consistent styles that you can apply to your applications.

Enhanced Customization

If you want to control more than just the colors in your applications, we can help you to create a complete design system that will express your brand’s unique style. Check out our Design System Services page to learn how you can take advantage of our years of experience in application design and development.

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