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You’re currently viewing documentation for our jQuery wrappers.This product reached EOL in May, 2024. To ensure smoother transition we provide support till May, 2025. Check here details and migration guidelines.

Loading Content with AJAX

The Window provides the built-in option for asynchronously loading content from a URL.

The URL is expected to return an HTML fragment that can be loaded in the content area of the Window. If the content which is passed to the Window includes scripts, the scripts are executed.

  • Loading full pages inside the Window with AJAX (pages with a DOCTYPE, html, head, and body tags) causes various undesired side-effects—breaking of the DOM tree, deletion of component instances, and throwing of Javascript errors.
  • If the Window has no set dimensions, it is expected to resize after the AJAX content is loaded and the position of the component on the screen gets changed. To center the Window, either center it in the refresh event handler, or set some explicit dimensions.

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