Kendo UI for Vue Native ListView Overview

The Kendo UI for Vue Native ListView enables you to display your data items using a custom layout.

The ListView displays a list of data items in a consistent manner. Examples of ListView design structures can be observed everywhere on the Internet - search engine results, tweets from Twitter, Facebook updates, inbox items in Gmail, card lists in Instagram, and so on.

The ListView Package is part of Kendo UI for Vue, a professional grade UI library with 100+ components for building modern and feature-rich applications. To try it out sign up for a free 30-day trial.

The following example demonstrates the ListView in action.

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Key Features

The Kendo UI for Vue Native ListView component delivers a range of handy and developer-friendly features whose number and further development are not limited by the list in this section. The Kendo UI for Vue Native team constantly invests efforts to improve the performance, add more value to the existing ListView library, and develop new features.


The ListView enables you to split its content into pages by adding a pager and by using its extensive set of configuration options, such as implementing a responsive behavior, customizing its appearance, and more. Read more about the pager options of the ListView...


Depending on your user requirements, you can edit, add, or delete the ListView items using templates. Read more about the editing feature of the ListView...


You can benefit from the default scrolling or enable endless scrolling mode which allows you to load more records by appending additional data items on demand. Read more about the scroll modes of the ListView...

Templates Definition

The content of the ListView can be customized based on the requirements of your application. By defining custom templates for the items, header and footer of the ListView you can achieve complex solutions. Read more about the different templates of the ListView...


The Kendo UI for Vue Native ListView data can be filtered with components like the Kendo UI for Vue Native Filter. Read more about the filtering of the ListView...

Support Options

For any questions about the use of Kendo UI for Vue ListView, or any other Kendo UI for Vue components, there are several support options available:

  • Kendo UI for Vue Native license holders and everyone with an active trial can benefit of the outstanding Kendo UI for Vue customer support delivered by the developers who built the library. To submit a support ticket, use the Telerik support system.
  • The Kendo UI for Vue forums are part of the free support you can get from the community and from the Kendo UI for Vue team on all kinds of general issues.
  • Kendo UI for Vue Feedback Portal and Kendo UI for Vue Native Roadmap provide information on the features in discussion and also those planned for release.

Support and Learning Resources

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