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Keyboard Navigation

The keyboard navigation of the ListBox is always available.

To prevent the keyboard navigation, set navigatable to false. The selectable prop indicates whether the selection is single or multiple and is single by default.

The ListBox supports the following keyboard shortcuts:

Alt+wFocuses the ListBox.
Up ArrowSelects the previous item.
Down ArrowSelects the next item.
DelDeletes the selected items.
Ctrl+SpaceSelects or deselects an item.
Shift+Up ArrowAdds the previous item to the selected items.
Shift+Down ArrowAdds the next item to the selected items.
Ctrl+Right ArrowAdds the selected items to the connected ListBox.
Ctrl+Left ArrowAdds the selected items from the connected ListBox to the current.
Ctrl+Up ArrowMoves the focus to the previous item.
Ctrl+Down ArrowMoves the focus to the next item.
Ctrl+Shift+Up ArrowShifts the selected items upwards.
Ctrl+Shift+Down ArrowShifts the selected items downwards.
Ctrl+Shift+Left ArrowTransfers all items to the connected ListBox.
Ctrl+Shift+Right ArrowTransfers all items from the connected ListBox.
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