Kendo UI for Vue Native BottomNavigation Overview

The Kendo UI for Vue native BottomNavigation allows movement among primary destinations in an application. The main purpose of the component is to offer a navigation element where each option is represented by an icon and optional text.

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The following example demonstrates the BottomNavigation in action.

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The BottomNavigation is part of the Kendo UI for Vue Native Layout component library. The procedures for installing, importing, and using all components in the library are identical. To learn how to use the BottomNavigation and the rest of the components in the package, see the Getting Started with the Kendo UI for Vue Native Layout Package guide.

Key Features

  • Content Types—With the BottomNavigation component you can specify the icons and text labels for the rendered buttons based on their content. You can also choose if the icon and the text are on the same line or below each other.
  • Positioning Mode—You can choose between the fixed and sticky position modes.
  • Appearance—The BottomNavigation comes with predefined option that allow you to set its theme colors and fill options.
  • Routing—You can use the BottomNavigation as a container for navigational components with any router library.
  • Custom Rendering—You can override the default rendering of the BottomNavigation items.
  • Globalization—The BottomNavigation has built-in globalization support.

Support and Learning Resources

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