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Edit the Grid's Header on Double-Click


Product Version3.3.2
ProductProgress® Kendo UI for Vue Native


The below example implements a logic that allows you to edit the column headers of the Native Grid when double-clicking on each of them.

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To be able to edit the Grid's headers on the fly, we have to use the headerCell property of the Native Grid's columns and define a custom header for each column. The below example uses the following template that is passed to the headerCell prop of all column.

<template v-slot:headerTemplate="{ props }">
    @dblclick="(e) => customHandler(e, props)"
    >{{ props.title }}</span
    <span v-else
        @input="(e) => onInput(e, props)"

With the above, the default behavior of the header will be to show the current value of its title(defined in the columns array). Then if we double-click on a random header, it will enter in edit mode by which you can change the title value.

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